Oh Baby! || Week 25

September 16, 2015

25 weeks sounds really impressive! At least, that's what I can't help but to think, especially when I say the number of weeks remaining (granted she doesn't come early or late). This pregnancy is moving faster and faster, there's no doubt about that. And can you believe that I only have a week and half left in the second trimester?! One thing is for sure, we can't wait to meet her! Not a day passes that we don't talk about her, dream about her, and watch her flutter across my stomach. This gal of ours is loved so much, and I look forward to that first moment when we meet her. 

How far along? In the 25th week 

Baby's Size: A cauliflower || approximately 13.6+ inches and anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 pounds

Gender: Sweet girl! 

Baby Fact: Baby girl is enjoying her new sense of equilibrium - she now knows up from down. She's also growing more fat and hair too!

Weight Gain: It's safe to say that I'm at least at the 10 pound weight gain mark, but with the size of baby girl I'm sure that number has grown. I'll find out next week.

Baby's Movement: This gal of ours loves to move, especially during the night. As soon as I'm in bed she is all over the place. Husband and I will sit and stare at my belly as she dances across it. Some of her movements have become quite robust, catching me off guard. And she loves to be talked to, especially by her daddy. That really increases her movement. I mentioned last week that I felt/kind of held one of her body parts as she pressed it out hard against my belly. That was wild!

Maternity Clothes: All the maternity clothes please. 

Sleep: Will I ever sleep normally again?? I know that I will, but my word sleep is so disrupted between trips to the bathroom and rolling over with a pillow in between my legs.  

Symptoms: I still have the swelling issue in my legs, especially the left, if I'm up too long. I asked the doctor if the swelling in one leg was problematic, and she nearly shared that most likely it's from the way baby is positioned. And if I can tell from her movements where she is, she's definitely settled more on my left side. Laying down still causes acid reflux, and so does any food that is mildly spicy. My back is becoming more uncomfortable as my belly gets heavier, and I'm in the stage of needing a trip to the ladies' room one too many times in a short span of time. It's insane!

Cravings: Any drink that involves crushed ice is my favorite. That texture is everything for me right now, and I can't seem to get enough! Desserts are still on the top of my cravings list. And Count Chocula cereal, well don't even get me started. 

Miss Anything? Normal, completely out of it sleep.  

Best Moment This Week: Apple picking with husband over the weekend. We couldn't stop talking about taking our girl with us next year and what we imagine that will be like. 

Worst Moment This Week: My hormones are kind of everywhere, and I'm just feeling a little frazzled with life. It's nothing too extreme, but I'm feeling all the feels right now.

Looking Forward To: Our first baby shower this weekend!! 

How's Husband? We watched Father of the Bride last Friday, and this guy was on the verge of tears more than once. He's not a crier mind you, but the movie got him. Having a daughter has him feeling all the feels too, and let's just be thankful that her wedding day is at least a couple of decades off. And he's been really great at trying to support me the last couple of weeks, especially in the form of nightly back rubs. It's a simple gesture, but boy do I appreciate it. 

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