Red, White, & Blue Weekend

July 6, 2015

I hope your weekend was filled with all thing patriotic and fireworks. This Independence Day husband and I decided that we would head to my hometown for our 3-day weekend to stay with my Grandmom. This lady has a very special place in my life and has from the time I was born. So many summer nights were stayed at Grandmom's house with my sister and cousins. And since being married (almost 2 years) I haven't stayed with her. At 91 years old she's a spitfire. With the extra time and a holiday to celebrate, it only seemed like the perfect weekend to spend some quality time with her. 

We spent a lot of time working on a puzzle together, playing cards, eating, and lounging. Grandmom's house has always been the place to do what you want, and this weekend we wanted relaxation and downtime. That's exactly what we got. 

On the morning of the 4th of July husband and I got up to make a very red, white, and blue breakfast. Baby Hill helped me wash the fresh fruit, while Pete was busy cooking the french toast and bacon. The bump really popped this weekend, and it was so fun to get to share that with my Grandmom. Especially showing her all of our ultrasound pictures, something she never experienced during her pregnancies. 

Breakfast we perfection for patriotic standards. You can't go wrong with french toast topped with raspberries, blueberries, a cream cheese drizzle, and maple syrup. Can I have another helping, please?

I ended up napping after breakfast while Grandmom and husband made a lot of progress on the puzzle. After waking up, we all readied for the rest of the day, which looked like my parents and sister heading our way. 

Croquet was the sport of the day, and even Grandmom played along. She may or may not have beaten my sister and I....even if she was given some special allowances :) 

The view at Grandmom's house is like none other. The blue mountains are everywhere and you feel like you're so far out in the country while being right in the middle of town. 

After croquet, we feasted. But, I forgot to take any photos (oops!). And then we headed back outside where we decided some sparklers needed to happen. I'm a sucker for sparklers, and I think it's safe to say Grandmom is too. 

We headed out to the terrace as it was getting dark. And fortunate for us, everyone in the neighborhood was setting off fireworks. Not just your simple fireworks, but the huge and booming kind. We had the perfect 360 view of everyone's fireworks, including our own. 

Check out some of the fireworks I was telling you about. And this doesn't include those happening in front of the house that we could see exploding over the roof and those to the left and straight ahead. Fireworks everywhere! 

Again with the sparklers! There are four generations in this picture if you include my sweet baby bump :) We range all the way from 91 years old to just 15 weeks in utero. 

Our weekend was so special and I'll cherish the quality time we got with my Grandmom for a lifetime. If there's someone you haven't spent time with in a while, I so encourage you to do it! It'll make your heart happy! 

I hope your weekend was special, and that this Monday is treating is you well! If you click the link below, you can find yourself a 4x6 calendar for July that I whipped up yesterday. I have a 4x6 photo frame on my desk at home, and this is how I like to display a monthly calendar. All you have to do is print the calendar and cut it down to fit your frame! So simple and such a festive way to display a calendar!