Oh Baby! || Week 15

July 7, 2015

Oh sweet baby, it's getting so real that we'll be meeting you in December. The bigger you grow and the more my belly rounds out, it's hard not to think of you. So many things are happening for you developmentally this week and it's got me all excited to watch you grow on this side of things!

How far along? in my 15th week

Baby's Size: A navel orange || about 4 inches and about 2.5 ounces 

Gender: I'm getting so antsy to know if you're a boy or a girl! Soon enough we will!

Weight Gain: At this point, there's no way that I haven't put on some weight. It's time I invest in a scale so that I can be sure to keep my weight in check to normal pregnancy standards...granted that may not be my norm. 

Baby's Movement: There have been a few times that I've wondered if indeed it's the baby I'm feeling moving around in there, but I can't be certain. I'm so looking forward to it happening and I know for sure that's what I'm feeling. 

Maternity Clothes: Same as last week. I'm loving my maternity pants... so much so that I may even wear them after this pregnancy :) Shirts are becoming trickier to make work. Those in my closet that are baggier have been my friends. Let's just say it's time to start looking for more maternity wardrobe options. Truth be told I'm trying to hold out until the fall lines are out! 

Sleep: Me, still getting up at night for a bathroom break?! Yes, how did you know?? Fortunately, I'm sleeping a bit more sound and the wacky dreams are far and few between, but still there nonetheless. 

Symptoms: If I don't keep some food on my stomach then the nausea is lurking and ready to take over. Lesson learned, did you guess? :) I still haven't fully regained my energy and naps are always welcome. My emotions are also kind of everywhere, more so than ever. And while I'm not one to cry, I have definitely had moments where I just want to cry and I'm not ever sure why. It makes me feel slightly crazy!

Cravings: Anything to drink! I still can't quench my thirst. At times I just want super cold water and other times I want carbonation. I'm also loving icy things; that texture is everything!

Miss Anything? A lack of raging hormones. Other than that, nothing. 

Best Moment This Week: Our weekend was super spectacular and just what I needed. 

Worst Moment This Week: Have I mentioned hormones?? I've been wanting so badly to be in a house (as in a single family home not an attached townhome), and when two opportunities presented themselves in the last couple of days my hope was high, but one fell through and the other just wasn't realistic financially. Having that kind of hope and then losing it just isn't fun, especially when your emotions are all over the place. 

Looking Forward To: Planning more of our gender reveal party! I can't wait to find out what we're having and sharing it with our people in a special way! 

How's Husband? I need to come up with a superhero name for him at this point. He's really been great, and I know there are times when he's over all my pregnancy crazy just as much as I am, yet he's still there being my rock and support. He's going to be the best dad :)