Apothecary Jar Fillers

July 8, 2015

One of my absolute favorite ways to decorate my home for any season or holiday is with apothecary jars and fillers. Over the last couple of years I've experimented with different decorative pieces, perfect filling the multiple apothecary jars I have, which come in all different shapes and sizes. 

So today I thought I would share my top ways to fill apothecary jars, bringing a unique festiveness and some color to your home!

At the start of the new year, I was looking for bright pops of color to turn the winter blues away. I was walking through TJMaxx looking for nothing in particular when I stumbled across some moss balls. I immediately knew they were exactly what I wanted to fill my apothecary jars. Not only were they the pop of bright color, a vibrant green, but they were also great for all several seasons and holidays that would be showing up during the winter and spring. 

I bought two packs, which boasted two different sizes of balls. This was important because my apothecary jars have very different shapes, and what fits in one might not necessarily fit in another. I sorted through them and divided them up, making them work for my short and round, as well as tall and slender jars. 

Although not an apothecary jar per say, I love cloches. And this particular one needed a little something. So when I found miniature moss balls at Crate & Barrel, it was a no brainer. 

Another option is to go with a live plant, and my favorite is a succulent. I'm not sure that you could put the lid on it, but you can prop it up nicely next to the jar. This fish bowl shaped jar was perfect for planting a succulent. If you do want to plant something in an apothecary jar, I recommend picking shorter and fatter jars, versus the taller versions. Proportionally it works better. 

Now for the fall décor, my all time favorite! Last fall I opted for pine cones in differing sizes. They also happened to be cinnamon scented! With the exception of changing the pine cones out for Halloween, once I put them in the apothecary jar for fall, I used them through winter. Pine cones are a classic way to add texture to décor without being too much, especially if your other decorations consist of lots of color. They're really versatile and work for fall through winter. 

Like I mentioned, I swapped the pine cones out for Halloween and substitued in orange, purple, and black Halloween themed ornaments. I scored them on sale at Michaels last year, and I loved how vibrant they were amongst the other Halloween decorations!

Something I may try this year is miniature DIY pumpkins. I'll let you know how that goes when fall gets here, and hopefully they'll turn out and I'll have a tutorial to share!

Another alternative for filling apothecary jars is using decorative garland. And that's exactly what I did for this past Independence Day. It's a simple and affordable way to bring in the holiday colors and festiveness. 

And if you've got any small apothecary jars around your home, an excellent way to fill them is with seasonal/holiday candies. M&Ms are always in the right colors for each time of the year, and that's an affordable and fun way to fill an apothecary jar.

If your jar happens to be open from the bottom to the top, like the one I've got, I have a trick! Cut a piece of card stock or other stronger paper to fit over the opening. It will keep the candy from flowing through the base, and then you don't have to (a) buy as much candy and (b) keeps the jar from looking busy. 

Lastly, a recent filler I tried out is faux apples. I love the vibrant red, and they were perfect not only for the 4th of July, but also for fall (I just can't wait!!). I have two larger apothecary jars in my family room, one on my console table and one nestled in my built-ins. I like to keep different fillers in them for variety. 

Another option for filling apothecary jars is with potpourri.You can see how I used a combination of Spanish moss and potpourri for some of my wedding centerpieces (of course I had apothecary jars at my wedding reception!). And if you're looking for a practical use of apothecary jars, I love the ones in my bathroom, which I use to hold q-tips and cotton balls. Again, the possibilities are endless. 

Apothecary jars have my heart. I love their classic and timeless look. Not to mention they offer so many ways to spruce up a room in your home. You can be versatile with your fillers and find what fits your style best. How do you decorate/fill your apothecary jars??