Oh Baby! || Week 12

June 16, 2015

Can you even believe this bump?! It came out of nowhere over the course of the last week. And yesterday there was no containing it, from morning to night. This baby wants everyone to know that he/she is growing right along. I totally adore having this bump, my jeans, however, do not. I can't not think about God's goodness every time I look down. It's the sweetest reminder of His love. 

How far along? 12th week

Baby's Size: A large plum || about 2ish inches and about 0.49 ounces. At last week's ultrasound baby was measuring slightly bigger, just by four days. We'll know next week if that trend has continued. It didn't surprise me at all that baby was bigger, because my body has felt that growth spurt! 

Gender: It's still unknown, but as soon as we can we will be finding out!

Weight Gain: I still haven't been on a scale, but I'm definitely feeling like that number has changed. 

Maternity Clothes: On Sunday I attempted to wear my favorite pairs of jeans to church. At first I tried the hair tie trick and it didn't work. So on the belly band went. At first it was okay, but by the end of church I was uncomfortable. That's the day my favorite jeans went into hibernation until post-pregnancy me comes back. It most certainly made me realize that the time has come to begin the maternity clothes shopping, at least for pants. And truth be told, I'm excited about it!

Sleep: Sleepiness throughout the day (check), an exhausted body (check), at least 8 hours to sleep at night (check). It all sounds great, and it is. The only problem is that by the time I wake in the morning I feel like I never slept. That's largely got to do with waking up every couple of hours, or every time I roll over. This madness has got to stop!   

Symptoms: My most current thing is "round ligament pain" as this baby gets bigger and my body makes room for my little babe. My stomach is protruding (clearly) and it's getting tighter. Yes, this has been uncomfortable, but it's also been reassuring that baby is still doing well. The nausea is taking me down in the evenings. And eating too much food, even just a little over, causes me a ton of discomfort. I didn't think this would happen so soon, but it sure has. 

Cravings: Sushi and chicken and dumplings. Not together, nor at the same time, of course. I've also taken a liking to pickles. I never didn't like them, but I never wanted them necessarily. I'm now that cliché pregnant gal. Salty food has also been a thing...we're talking salt and vinegar chips and kalamata olives (which pre-pregnancy wasn't something I liked). 

Miss Anything? Easily finding a comfortable way to sit or recline. My lower back is bucking most positions. 

Best Moment This Week: Although it was at the end of the 11th week, I loved seeing our little babe on an ultrasound and hearing that heartbeat for the first time. Our little one was dancing and wiggling all about. Getting to see that movement was incredible. I had no idea we would get to see that, and it made my heart soar, husband's too. Not only that, but we got to see little one's hands and fingers, his/her profile. I've never seen a cuter nose. 

Worst Moment This Week: Not that it would be the worst, because really nothing has been bad this week, but if I had to pick one, it would be the exhausted feeling I have in my torso. 

Looking Forward To: Funnel cakes and fresh squeezed lemonade at the Festival Around Town in my hometown this weekend. You have no idea just how good it's going to be! Baby can't wait to try the fair food either ;) 

How's Husband? He is rocking this daddy-to-be thing. I love seeing his enthusiasm for our baby. Last night we took a little trip to Babies R Us to check out strollers and carseats so we could narrow down our options. It was surreal to be looking at baby items for our own baby, but oh was it fun! I loved watching him check those strollers and carseats over. So serious! Our babe sure is lucky to have this guy as his/her dad. I know I'm so lucky to call him husband.