Bump Style :: At The Office

June 17, 2015

I have to say I never thought I would publish a post full of photos of me sharing clothing picks, much less turn it into a series. While I wouldn't say that I'm into fashion, I also wouldn't say that I'm not. I don't necesarrily stay up-to-date on the trends, but I do notice them. When I pick out my clothing and put together outfits I go with what I like and what I feel good in. Because if you don't wear something you feel good in, you're not going to like it, no matter how fashion forward it may be. 

So in honor of a growing bump that will alter my wardrobe, I thought I would inspire myself (and maybe you!) with different ways to make existing clothes work, new maternity pieces mesh, and some outfit ideas to get the wheels of pregnancy brain rolling. 

In the remaining weeks of my pregnancy I will be sharing new outfits each week. I hope you find some ideas for outfits you can put together from your closet, pregnant or not! Without further ado, let me introduce you to my new (dare I say fashion) series, Bump Style

This week I'm still sporting a lot of non-maternity clothes. And although pre-pregnancy jeans are now out of the picture, I do have some staples that are working. Let's start with a classic black maxi skirt, chambray shirt, and simple accessories.

First, the accessories, any outfit's best friend. You can take a simple outfit and turn it around with the right statement pieces. For my black and blue ensemble I opted for tortoise shell. Nothing too loud, but a nice contrasting color. Just my favorite necklace along with a tortoise bangle. Because I love to stack bracelets, sometimes more than just a couple, I paired the bangle with my rose gold watch. Accessories, done!

Pairing a black maxi and chambray shirt (mine had elastic in the hemline) was perfect for a comfortable day at work. I had plenty of stretch for the bump and room to feel good and move with ease all day long. For those early weeks of pregnancy, this outfit is a win. Bonus, all items were already in my closet and jewelry drawer!

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CHAMBRAY SHIRT :: similar, similar, similar
TORTOISE NECKLACE :: similar, similar