Hour by Hour Weekend

June 15, 2015

This is the first of this kind of post for me. I thought it would be fun to document hour by hour what our weekend looked like according to photos, so I ran with it over the last couple of days. It was challenging at first to keep remembering a photo needed to be taken every hour, but I quickly got into the swing of things and really enjoyed taking the time to document our days in a different kind of way. If you want to see how our entire weekend looked from start to finish, then scroll on down my friends! 

f r i d a y 

4:00 >> We kicked the weekend off by catching the last minutes of Sonic's happy hour! Blue coconut slush for her and cherry slush for him. Fast forward through some snuggling, an appointment for a pregnancy massage (felt like heaven), and you're at....

7:00 >> Dinner was up and cooking. Originally, salmon, wild rice, and kale was on the menu, but this pregnant gal needed bland. So while husband went on with the menu, I made homemade chicken and dumplings the quick and easy way. Boil a large saucepan of water, add three chicken bullion cubes. In a bowl, combine 2 cups bisquick and 2/3 cup milk. Then plop spoonfuls of the dough into the boiling chicken broth. Let them cook through, and just like that you have dumplings. 

8:00 >> Dinner was served. And because I'm craving fruit, nectarines made the perfect side. 

9:00 >> The smell of husband's salmon was overwhelming, so a candle needed to be lit to help mask it. And I've been craving the scent of pumpkin (as in pumpkin scents for fall, not the gourd). So I pulled this goody out and lit it. The smell was heavenly!

10:00 >> Bedtime comes early these days, and to settle in for the night I picked up my book and read until my eyes couldn't fight the sleep.

s a t u r d a y 

9:00 >> We slept in and it was magical. And because getting out of bed right away was not a necessity, we cuddled and enjoyed the view out our window. Saturday mornings are definitely for staying in bed as long as you can. 

10:00 >> Breakfast on the back deck. Of course it was cinnamon rolls! We stayed out here for awhile just soaking in the morning light. Our backyard isn't too bad to look at! And do you spot my pumpkin candle??

11:00 >>  The house cleaning began. And when the kitchen was clean, we stopped for a second to cut the pineapple. Literally, we cut the pineapple for later.

12:00 >> We were still cleaning. And don't think husband was doing this all by himself...someone had to take the picture.

1:00 >> The living floor was cleaned and feeling lovely. We moved on to the top floor to clean the bedroom, office, and guest room. (The laundry was also going at this point, and the chair slipcover was in it. Check out that fabulous pattern that we like to keep covered!)

2:00 >> We stopped for lunch. Leftovers from the week, or better known as clean-the-fridge-out-lunch. And for dessert was the pineapple with semi-sweet chocolate and sprinkles. 

3:00 >> We were finishing our wedding attire prep. And by 3:30 we arrived at the venue.

4:00 >> And the wedding began. One of husband's college roommates was the groom. There were seven of them in a large apartment, and they called themselves the House of Seven Brothers (HOTSB - pronounced hots-bee). There's a joke that a HOTSB wedding must happen every year. Husband and I kicked it off in 2013, followed by another one in 2014, and then this one. Wonder who will be next?? ;) 

5:00 >> Dinner was served, and we had bbq and all the southern fixin's as sides. The sweet tea was on point, people!

6:00 >> Dessert was served and it looked like these sweet cupcakes. And then the cupcake dilemma of  getting cupcake + icing all over your mouth was solved (see below). 

7:00 >> After dinner and dessert there was a little walking around outside. And boy was that bump out! Husband's was too ;)

8:00 >> We snagged some sweet Hokie-themed goodies before waving the bride and groom off. 

9:00 >> The HOTSB needed one last hangout session, so to Cookout we went for ice cream. Husband and I shared a peanut butter fudge shake, which was so think we had to eat it with a spoon.

10:00 >> You guessed it, bedtime!

s u n d a y 

9:00 >> (Or rather closer to 9:30) We were on our way to church.

10:00 >> The sermon was going. This was the first time I've taken a photo at church, much less during a sermon. It felt strange! Right now we're in Hebrews, and its good stuff. Today's sermon was in the first several versus of chapter 13, and we talked about hospitality.

11:00 >> Husband and I headed to Target for some necessities. And you can never go into Target and not get something you didn't intend on getting. #thetroublewithTarget

12:00 >> A pregnancy gal's kind of lunch. Don't ask questions. Just know that my husband is awesome.

1:00 >> We wanted some time out in the sun. By the time we got outside we realized that a storm was rolling threw. And because it was thundering we steered clear of the water (yes, I set up a kiddie pool and put a beach chair in it to tan) and we sat on the deck until the clouds got too threatening. 

So we sat inside in our bathing suits until the storm passed. 

2:00 >> We finally made it outdoors and into the kiddie pool. The sun was back out in full force.

3:00 >> We headed to Starbucks to work on some things. We talked about a babymoon and baby things. It was a nice coffee break chatting about some future plans before our little one gets here. 

4:00 >> Still at Starbucks, still planning, and sipping our drinks.

5:00 >> We made our way to the grocery store to grab the goods for the week!

6:00 >> It was time for a little pampering. So I painted my nails while I waited for my appetite to show up for dinner.

7:00 >> We started dinner. It was a simple spaghetti kind of night.

8:00 >> While eating dinner, picnic style in the family room, we watched old espisodes of Duck Dynasty. 

9:00 >> We made our way upstairs. And an episode or several of Gilmore Girls was needed. 

10:00 >> Up past my bedtime to blog! 

And there you have it, my weekend by the hour. Happy Monday, friends! See you back here tomorrow! xo