The Pick: Week 23

June 12, 2015

Although officially it's still spring, summer is totally in full swing. Just ask the 90° temperatures, afternoon thunderstorms, and humidity. Not to mention the shorts and tanks are out to stay. Going on vacation last week completely solidified it for me. And this week as I settle back into my normal routine I've found it harder to adjust. My body is far more exhausted, even after a week of sleeping in and keeping my feet up. Bedtime is showing up much sooner, and after work all I want to do is lay on the couch until I cave and go onto bed. Growing a sweet babe is work and I feel all of it right now. But, oh how it's worth it. 

Might I add that this week has also been about food, fixing our outdoor space up, and seeing baby?? Even though adjusting is throwing me for a loop, the week has been full of goodness. There have been impromptu dinners, like sausage gravy and biscuits with green beans and tomatoes, because it's the only thing that sounds good. I can't forget the strawberry shortcake ice cream bars that were calling out to me in the frozen aisle at the grocery store. You know they came home with me, and they were so good. 

As for the outdoor spaces, they're coming together and being spruced up with some pretty greens. The deck is getting summer ready, while the front porch is becoming a calm oasis. Lucky for me, husband has taken the reigns on getting both of them ready; I've been watching, wrapped in a blanket, and fighting nausea. I can't wait for both to be finished, to host evening get-togethers on the deck, and sip coffee and read on the porch. 

Now is the best for last...we got to see our sweet babe yesterday and oh the joy! Our little one danced and wiggled all about during the ultrasound, and that is an incredible sight. His/her little hand was moving about, as if waving hello to us. And that sweet profile, I can't even. The ultrasound was just what I needed and brought me so much relief about how our baby is doing. He/she looks happy and content, growing bigger day by day. I'll share more during the bumpdate next week!

I hope you have one wonderful weekend! We've got a wedding, some time needed lounging outdoors, church, and more lounge time :) Are you with me?? xo

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