Spring Musts

May 6, 2015

Spring has surely sprung, and it dawned on me Sunday just how fast this season is getting away. I love watching the first buds bloom, and just as soon as they have the trees are somehow bursting with bright green leaves. I blinked, people, and everything changed! I find that when I let myself become absorbed with what's to come, I forget to enjoy where I'm presently at. Who's with me? 

I'm going to try extra hard to keep myself grounded in the present and enjoy the day to day. Because who needs all that extra stress of worrying weeks or months ahead? (Luke 12:25). So I'm taking it upon myself to rack my brain for all the things I want to enjoy this season...my spring musts and writing them down here. 

  • strawberry picking
  • Memorial Day fun and a get-together
  • weekly picnics
  • Drillfield hangouts 
  • deep spring cleaning (home, oh how you need this)
  • trips to the lake/boating
  • backyard bbqs
  • lavender lemonade making
  • family film making
  • sunshine lounging (bring on a tan)
  • read at least one book, maybe even two (!!!)
  • church league softball

How about you, will you join me?? I would love some good inspiration, for other great spring-do's...leave a comment and let me know your top activities! xoxo

p.s. for all you bloggers out there...don't forget to link up with Rachel and I on Thursday for our Every Girl series! We'll be sharing the simple ways we spruce up our homes for spring!