Every Girl Link-Up || Spring Decor

May 7, 2015

Spring is in the air, literally (who else has seasonal allergies?), and it's such a beautiful time of year. I like to keep my home on the same seasonal changes as far as my decor goes. Fall is my biggest season to decorate for, but I believe you can subtly accent any of the four times of the year with a little bit of creativity. So today I'm sharing my go-to ways to spruce my home and bring the springtime indoors. 

Fresh flowers, you can never go wrong with them. They're a vibrant way to freshen up your space and bring some color into a room. Plus, their the epitome of spring. Flowers can be quite expensive, so my trick is to head to Kroger and find their "manager's special" selection. The flowers are typically great quality, and there are an assortment to pick from. I love arranging my own bouquets, so I never select a pre-arranged group of flowers. Instead I pick a variety of florals that I feel like fit my theme. 

And if you have something lying around your house that will hold flowers, other than a vase, I strongly suggest you do. How great is this little pitcher for holding my spring blooms?? It's not your typical glass vase and adds a little something to my tablescape, don't you think?

One of my very favorite ways of bringing some brightness into a room is with boxwood wreaths. I got these at Target in January in order to bring some green into the dead of winter. They have been the perfect addition to our home and work in all seasons, although, I'll probably change them out for fall and Christmas decorations. 

When I make my own bouquets, I almost always have leftover flowers. I guess you could say I do it on purpose. That way I can put them in other makeshift vases around the house and spread the flower love to other rooms. It's an affordable way to have flowers all over instead of in one concentrated area. 

Again, I opted for bottles instead of vases. It really creates a whole different feel and look.

A big go-to for any season is candles. Most candles come in pretty jars, but they also bring the seasonal scent inside. There's nothing better than the smell of lilac floating about in the spring. It's my favorite scent for this time of year. 

And this White Barn "Spring" scent is a close second favorite. Even the label brings bright seasonally, appropriate colors into the room. And I love having apothecary jars and cloches around for filling with seasonal goodness. I'll be doing a post on that shortly. But, for now, I'm sharing a simple way to give a cloche a spring touch. Using miniature, green moss balls from Crate and Barrel I was able to bring some of the bright green that is everywhere this time of year into my living room. I have another apothecary jar on my console table filled with big, green, moss balls, and it really gives some needed color to the tabletop. 

Accent pillows are a fun way to spruce up any space. And while pillows can be quite expensive, I've found that making my own pillow covers is totally doable. While I probably won't change these out with every season, they have added some real color to a once-lackluster space. The floral is my favorite, and because it was so bold, I paired it with more subtle fabrics. 

If you have a sewing machine, and a bit of DIY in you, then I definitely recommend recovering pillows with brighter, cheerier fabrics. The difference goes a long way and for more than half of the price of buying pre-made accent pillows! 

I hope you've been encouraged and inspired to find ways to bring spring into your home. Link up with Rachel and I for the Every Girl series to share your ways of decorating a home for this beautiful season! Just grab the button below and add your link! 

I'm looking forward to reading all of your posts and gathering some ideas!! xo