Slow & Steady Over The Weekend

May 4, 2015

It was one of those weekends that went by way too fast. But, don't they all?? If only weekends were three days and weekdays were four days. That would be a great balance, don't you think? Even with its swiftness, the weekend was a good one. How was yours?

 s a t u r d a y

The day started off late with brunch, which included chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, grapefruit, and blueberry syrup (a childhood favorite). I love weekends that start off slow with no particular place to be or thing to see. After our super slow start, we cleaned up and tidying up, then headed outside for some sunshine and lunch on the deck. We rounded out the evening with a nap (for me) and more grad work (for him). The evening flew by (probably because of my nap) and some Gilmore Girls binge-watching finished up the day. 

  s u n d a y

I woke up not feeling so hot Sunday morning, so we cancelled our church plans and snoozed some more. Can we say, go away allergies?! It's bad, ya'll. As in, I went through a full box of tissues on Sunday alone. It didn't keep me inside though. Husband and I picnicked for lunch, and after his grad project meeting ended we hung out by the pond in town. There were tiny little ducklings floating around with mama duck, schools of large goldfish, snapping turtles as big as your torso (those are our favorites), an abundance of sunshine, and frisbee throwing to be had. We wrapped our weekend with House Group (always a good way to start a new week/end the weekend) and a couple of  more Gilmore Girls episodes. . 

Do tell, how was your weekend?? What did you do? And let me just say that I hope your allergies aren't as crazy as mine!