The Pick: Week 17

May 1, 2015

Hello, May, (almost) weekend, and allergies **she sarcastically said**! First, I love that it's May, it's going to be a great month! Second, three cheers for Friday. Third, I knew I wasn't going to escape the spring without dredging through allergies, but after almost a month of no itching eyes, running/stopped up nose, I thought I might just be in the clear. Well the April rain stopped this week, and the pollen is hanging around. So it begins, the allergy war that is. 

Nevertheless, this weekend is going to be pretty marvelous. Temps in the 70s and sunshine two whole days in a row! Sounds crazy for me to be so excited, right? Virginia has been very bipolar when it comes to the weather, and while some days feel like spring has sprung, most days feel like winter might not have truly left. 

If you're looking for husband and I Saturday or Sunday you can find us cleaning the house, completing some DIY projects, and finishing up grad work (him, not me). We'll also be trying to soak up some of that sunshine!

Instead of sharing my favorites from the week, I thought I would share my Happy Heart! list. I haven't done one in awhile, and today seemed perfect for another one! 

happy heart delights...
  • fresh fruit during the spring season
  • watching husband play church league baseball and chatting with the other wives
  • a cheese danish paired with a Starbucks latte (make that non-fat, two parts caramel, and two parts white mocha)
  • evenings on the porch with my favorite
  • new throw blankets
  • that feeling when you finish sewing DIY
  • new accents pillows
  • when all the laundry is folded and put away (if only it would do it itself)
  • new magazines in my mailbox
  • hot fuchsia nail polish
  • meeting blogland friends
  • papa john's pizza and their garlic sauce
  • a good smelling home (thank you candles)
  • weekend travels
  • striped clothing

Join me...leave a comment below and share one or more things that makes your heart terribly happy!

Catch you all here on Monday!! Happy weekend, friends!! xo

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