Bon Voyage!

April 7, 2015

The last couple of weeks I have been in the midst of vacation planning. From short weekend getaways to week-long trips with family, the plans are in the works. While in vacation planning mode I've been thinking about my two favorite vacations of all time, and today I thought I'd share them. Because who doesn't need to look at beautiful beaches, clear oceans, and blue skies?! Especially, when you're miles from a beach and warm weather that sticks around.

My very favorite trip would be my honeymoon to Antigua! Husband and I enjoyed a week at Cocobay Resort in October 2013, and had we not had jobs and responsibilities to come home to, we might have stayed. The island was gorgeous and while I could share hundreds of photos from that trip, I thought I would just break out my top picks. But, you can always see more by browsing my honeymoon posts or visiting my About Page and clicking 'Our Honeymoon'! While you're there just click 'Our Wedding' too, because talking about honeymoon has me reminiscing on our wedding! And just for kicks, here is our wedding video :)

Our resort was all inclusive, so every meal was there when we were ready, all amenities were there for taking advantage of, and the drinks were never ending. During our stay one of the resort's employees made-up a special, frozen, non-alcohilic, mango drink just for me at my request for something other than a pina colada. It was heaven, and by the end of the week everyone working the bar knew how to make my special drink. It was the best!

The infinity pools were the spot we spent most of our time, sipping our beverages, reading books, and floating in the water. The views were more than stunning, but I just don't have a better word for it!

Antigua was a dream, and husband and I are hopeful to return one day! The experience was beyond our expectations from the little hut on the Caribbean that we stayed in to the food and resort amenities. It was so great in fact that we never left the resort! So if you're in need of a relaxed vacation with no agenda then might I recommend this place to you!

My next top vacation was the two-week trip to Hawaii following my graduation from high school during the summer before freshmen year at college. We went with extended family and stayed in a beautiful home on Maui. Events were planned throughout the two weeks and the rest of the time we lounged on the beaches or by/in the pool at our rented home (there were even banana and avocado trees in the backyard). Again I could share hundreds of photos from this vacation, but you would be scrolling through this post all day. So I'll just recap the trip with highlight photos.

Everything about Hawaii was magical, and I would go back in a heartbeat. Okay, the one downside was the return trip home. Being on a plane for that long on a return trip is kind of miserable, but totally worth it for that kind of vacation experience!

During our time in Hawaii, we went on a tour of a pineapple farm (sounds dull, but it was incredible), rode up a volcano in a van then rode back down the volcano on bikes, went parasailing, enjoyed a luau, snorkeled in the Pacific ocean and caught a plane from Maui to Oahu to hike Diamond Head and visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial. It was the best trip, filled with enough activities for us to truly explore two of Hawaii's islands, but with enough downtime to enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery.

What has been your dream vacation?? Have you gone it yet or are you dreaming about it?? I know one day I would absolutely love to go to Greece, so until that happens, I'll just dream about that adventure!