Supper Club || Everything Spring

April 8, 2015

Supper Club, it's the best thing since sliced bread. Really, I insist you go gather your friends and start one now! Last Saturday we had our second Supper Club rendezvous; every month we change up who hosts and the theme we go with. This time it was all about spring and Emily and Dave nailed it!

Emily had a beautiful tabletop that I was swooning over as soon as I saw it. Truly, the greens, pinks, and blues are perfection and exuberant the cheerfulness of spring. It was so bright and charming. She and I love a good tabletop setting and  have the best time putting it together. 

To keep with the spring theme, Emily made pink lemonade and added the cutest little birds to our cups. It's all about the details.

One of the best parts of Supper Club, outside of the people of course, is the way we do the meal. There's an appetizer with fun drinks, the meal, and then dessert. It's three courses of amazing! Our appetizer this time was 'spring' rolls...get it?? Emily and Dave made the best southwest spring rolls with black beans, corn, spinach, and cheese. They were so good.

I'm telling you, I was obsessed with the drinks and the cute little birds and lime slices. Every beverage deserves a little bit of fabulous, don't you think??

In between appetizers and dinner we sat around and talked and laughed...really we probably laughed more than we talked. Hanging out with these two couples is always the best and I'm so thankful for our friendships. It's such a blessing that not only do we get together as couples, but we love the time we have split up into guys and gals. 

This cute gal, our hostess for the night, made a spectacular dinner, complete with chicken skewers, fruit kebabs, and spring pasta. And come August, we'll be sharing our Supper Clubs with a sweet baby when Dave and Emily welcome their little girl into the world!

Dessert was 'dirt' with gummy worms. See the continued spring theme?? Unintentionally we ended up splitting into guys and girls. The boys are the best together and us gals love watching our husbands interact and care so much for one another. Likewise the three us girls love our time together. There's girl talk, learning about one another in-depth, and praying for each other. It's truly the best, and I'm so thankful for them and their husbands. 

Community is so important and so is Supper Club, so go enjoy both! And if you missed it, here is our first Supper Club! Have a lovely Wednesday!