Easter Sunday

April 6, 2015

This weekend was so special and for so many reasons. It was a sweet several days, celebrating the life and resurrection of Christ with friends and family. It started Friday with a family dinner at Lefty's followed by the Good Friday service at church. (our family Good Friday tradition). Saturday morning was set aside for Sunday preparations, and late afternoon through late into the night was spent at our second Supper Club with friends (more on that coming Wednesday). 

On Easter we woke, readied for church, then ate the traditional breakfast I had every Easter growing up...cream of wheat and hard boiled eggs. Of course on the way out the door there was also some Easter candy had :)

After a beautiful church service (I love seeing everyone in their Easter best) husband and I headed home to finish making food before family joined us for an afternoon meal and time together. Like all get togethers, I love putting the table setting together. And this year I went simple with an assortment of flowers in white mason jars. 

While making food we snacked on fruit and a cream cheese dip. You really never can go wrong with this kind of appetizer. 

I feel so fortunate to have such a sweet lady to call Grandmom, and even more so to have such a special relationship with her. I'm glad that she joined us for Easter celebrations. 

My sister and cousin were a huge help with food prep. Can't you tell by their smiles that they are excited to be cutting fruit?! But, really I love these two and am super thankful for both of them. 

Husband put this salmon pasta salad together and it was scrumptious. I've been mentioning how grateful I am for my people, and he's certainly one that I'm thankful for. I love being married to my best friend and the guy that gets me better than anyone. 

My big treat was making this homemade lemon poppyseed cake with fresh strawberry buttercream. I'm a sucker for anything lemon poppyseed, so making this was a no brainer. Besides, it screams 'spring,' and that was reason enough. I'll be sharing this recipe later this week, so stay tuned!

Because my sweet Grandmom has some food restrictions, I made sure to bake her a tiny version of the cake minus the poppyseeds and without the strawberry puree in the buttercream. And it made the most adorable little cake!

While we waited for the food to finish up in the oven we stopped for a family picture. Because every get together should always include group photos...of the perfect smiles and goofy kind. And I'm glad that this family of mine is willing to play along with such antics. I think husband's "goofy" pose is my absolute favorite. Don't be fooled he loved taking these photos. Just keep scrolling to see.

Shortly after the family pictures our meal was ready. It was the perfect combo of foods for Easter! There was ham (an Easter staple), salmon pasta salad, broccoli salad, rolls, green beans, deviled eggs, and scalloped potatoes. Well rounded, I would say, and delicious too. 

Better than the food, were the people we shared it with. I love a table full of my people, and this was no exception. After the meal we spent some time soaking up rays outside. Then headed in for coffee and dessert.

Like I said, I'm so grateful for this guy of mine that I call husband. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's been incredible support and full of love during this past month, and in coping with our miscarriage, it's only made our marriage and relationship stronger. 

Not to mention, I'm also glad that he's got the best sense of humor and brings out my goofiness. Just see for yourself (keep on scrolling). Because when your family heads home for the evening and you've got a camera clicker, and you're in your Easter best, you take photos, lots of them. And these aren't all, but I thought I'd spare you :)

I hope you had an incredible Easter, full of the Jesus, cheer, family, and good food!