Java Jammie Christmas

December 16, 2014

Every Christmas season from the time I was a little girl, my parents bundled my sister and I up in pajamas and blankets, made hot chocolate, and loaded us in the car to drive around and look at lights. It was magical, and for 25 holiday seasons, I have taken part in this special tradition. 

This year, husband and I decided we wanted to start our own version of this tradition by inviting our friends and making a pit stop at Starbucks. This new annual tradition now has an official name, Java Jammie Christmas. Last night our couple friends, Dave & Emily and Jonathan & Amanda, joined us in Christmas jammies to swing by Starbucks, cram into a car that may not have been made to fit all six of us, and ride around "oohing" and "ahhing" at all the twinkling lights and decorations. 

It was the BEST time! And I laughed so hard that my abs got a workout. The lights didn't disappoint either, and my very favorite was the house with the lights set to Christmas tunes. Husband is already dreaming of programming our future house. I'm not sure how I feel about our house flashing to music, but I'm open to compromise.

Husband and I found our Christmas jammies at Old Navy, and we have loved them! They were perfect for this occasion. 

After meeting up with everyone, we all crammed in the car (quite literally) and headed to Starbucks to get the java of choice.

And here the six of us are in our jammies/sweats waiting for our drink orders. It was way too much fun to be in Starbucks dressed in super cozy clothes, that I would normally never be out in public in. 

While it's not the best picture, it's the only one we got of all of us. So it will just have to do!

Driving around was such blast, and we all voted on our favorite homes. The top contender that blew everyone out of the water though was the musical house

And here is the house that was programmed to light up with the beat of each Christmas song. Just don't ask me why they have "Ohio" as part of their decorative lighting. Nonetheless you should be able to enjoy the house lit to music, so here you go....

If you have time to do this little tradition, you should definitely take advantage of it!