Cookies, Sprinkles, & House Group. Oh My!

December 15, 2014

Like all weekends, this one flew by. And while I'm not jumping up and down about it being Monday, I am feeling ready for the week ahead. I attribute that to the fullness this weekend boasted, and the amazing community we have. So I'm going to start my weekend review backwards, beginning with Sunday and moving through to Thursday (yes, I know that's not part of the weekend, but I'm grouping it in there this go round). 

We enjoyed a Progressive Dinner, white elephant exchange, cookie baking extravaganza, Christmas shopping, live drive-thru Nativity, and a bunch of Christmas trees and twinkling lights. For now, I'm recapping Sunday and Saturday. Stay tuned later this week for the rest of my recap.

We ended our weekend a great note, with a baking spree. Because Christmas isn't complete without some of those once-a-year-treats. 

All the gals in our house group met up Sunday after church to make an assortment of goodies, while our men hung out and did manly things. 

Peanut butter balls, Spritz cookies, a "trash" mix, dipped pretzels, ginger cookies, and dipped crackers. We had one of everything.

And now for Saturday....

Our House Group hosted a Progressive Dinner. If you're not familiar with that, it's when you house jump for each part of the meal. So we started at one house for the appetizers, moved on to another house for the main course, and finished at our house for dessert. After dessert we all sat around and started our white elephant exchange. The theme for this was paid-for date night ideas. We had some really great gifts/date night ideas, and some definite stealing going on! 

And here we all are. I'm going to have to stop and brag about this incredible group. They've been such a huge blessing in our life, and we couldn't be more thankful for them. Time spent together has been such a gift, and we're looking froward to meeting back up for our weekly fellowship in the new year. P.s. We got this group shot in one try. I know, impressive, right?!