Friday Favorites!

December 12, 2014

And just like that Friday is back again! I can't believe we're less than two weeks away from Christmas and less than three weeks away from 2015! Father Time, slow yourself down!! Regardless of fleeting time, I've been enjoying this holiday season so much! There has been so much going on, but I'm reveling in it! And as always, I have my favorites from the week. You know what's next, I share them!

[one] Giant Christmas bulbs. These were the lights I grew up on as a child, and they'll always be my favorite. It seems that they're making a comeback and I don't hate it. Live on, giant Christmas bulbs!

[two] Christmas pajamas, Christmas movies, and some old-fashioned popped popcorn. This is the time of year when it's acceptable to watch multiple movies in a week's time and to enjoy treats and popcorn at every movie-watching occasion.

[three] Time at the lake. We packed up from the Christmas Cabin on Sunday and headed home, but this was our view before pulling away.

[four] 12 Date of Christmas is kind of thing in our house. It's a time to set aside to do something festive and merry during the best part of the year! I shared some of the dates we had last year, along with other ideas on Monday!

[five] There's nothing better than snail mail (when it's not bills and spam). I love opening the mailbox in the afternoons to find Christmas cards! In my spare time over the last several days, I've been addressing our cards to go out in the mail (finger crossed, by Saturday!).

[six] Milk and cookies aren't just for Santa. And so we indulged on the second Monday Tuesday of this week. Fresh, just out of the oven cookies can't be beat.

[seven] Although not pictured, I have fallen in love with a coffee creamer. It's name is peppermint mocha and it's SO good. Not only have I been adding it to my coffee, but I got creative this week and added some to my hot chocolate! It was nothing short of perfection, and I'll be sharing that exact recipe next week on Flour Darling.

[eight] After returning home from the Christmas Cabin on Sunday, this box of Christmas Cheer was on my doorstep! This was a blogger exchange that Rachel, Kaitlin, and I hosted, and you can see our link-up with the other bloggers that joined, HERE!

[nine] This Apple Cider Sangria. It's a festive drink, perfect for all the holiday gatherings going on! It's light and refreshing!

[ten] Maybe my very favorite from the week...I cut at least 8 inches of hair. Well I didn't, but a super talented Charmaine did and I love it! I was scared to cut so much off, when it's been long for quite some time. But, when you need a change, you need a change. And so I bit the bullet and went for it. This new 'do feels extra light and fresh, perfect for heading into a new year and new chapter! 

[eleven] Part of celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas last year was visiting the Inn at Virginia Tech and admiring the lights and Christmas trees. We joined up with our favorite people last night to take a look around and enjoy the magic. To continue the tradition, husband and I are bundling up in the car with peppermint mocha hot chocolate, and driving through a live nativity tonight! I'm pretty excited, and I'll be sharing photos next week!

[twelve] Last, but not least, I saw this film last night and loved it. I'm not even a mom, and it still made me laugh. Besides, it also totally ruined the fact that I thought TSwift as been saying "Starbucks Lovers", which I thought was a genius play on "Star-crossed lovers". *sigh* But really, go watch it now!!

That's all from me this week, but I'll see you all back on here Monday! We've got a packed weekend, and I'm so excited for all the festivities going on! It really is the absolute best time of the year! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, xoxo!

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