Hill Christmas Cabin 2014, Pt 2

December 11, 2014

On Tuesday I posted about the first couple of days at the Christmas Cabin and now I'm rounding our our stay with these photos! I'm picking up on our Hill Christmas morning, which was last Saturday. The adults all participate in Secret Santa, and turn by turn we unwrap gifts and try to figure out who has who. This particular year I had my mother-in-law, appropriate since she had me last year. And one of my brother-in-laws had me. We used this website to draw names and share lists. If you're looking for a more efficient way to make Secret Santa happen, I highly recommend this site!

I loved watching the tots open their gifts with such enthusiasm and excitement! Even at 24 years old, I still get those Christmas butterflies during this time of year. Basically, I think you're never too old for the magic of Christmas!

Pete's sister surprised everyone with dart guns, which we all opened at the same time. All war broke out amongst the family, as foam darts zoomed from room to room. And just like you're never too old for Christmas magic, you're never too old for some old fashion dart guns. But I'd say the brothers had the most fun pelting each other ;) 

Our last day at the cabin was bittersweet. The extended weekend really flew by. But, it was the perfect kick-off to more holiday festivities. I'm excited for our future babes to participate in this Hill tradition!

Missing from these individual family photos are Ben and Lauren, who had to leave Saturday night, and husband and I; we're missing because I was looking rough in the photos taken of us and so I opted to not post that for all to see ;) Besides you see a lot of us on here anyway! But, I do love the family photos we did get, and the lake was the perfect backdrop! Until next Hill Christmas!