Bright Lights & Baby Jesus

December 17, 2014

Now to cap off the rest of my weekend review! I shared the first bit on Monday if you'd like to take a look. With this post I'm going to start on Thursday (I know, not a technical part of the weekend). That night we met up with our favorite people to tour the Christmas trees and lights at the Inn at Virginia Tech. Local businesses and schools decorate the trees in themes, strands of lit garland are draped from the rafters, and a huge gingerbread house and its landscape greet you when you walk in. 

At the bottom of this post I am sharing husband and my Friday night adventure, a drive-thru Nativity we visited. I only have a few photos because I was too busy taking everything in! Take a look!!

^^ Pure joy here. ^^

^^ I think this was my very favorite tree at the Inn.  Its décor was right up my design alley and I adored it! ^^

^^ And what do you know, Santa and Mrs. Claus appeared while we were there. That was a fun and unexpected treat.  Can you spot them above?? ^^

^^ Our crew of six. We kind of love doing just about everything together. p.s. can you tell how strong the Hill genetics are; just look at husband and his brother (on the right). Twins?? No, but our super cute nephews are. ^^

^^ And because two very sweet 2 year olds wanted to walk around and around a table together, we did. ^^

And now for that magical Nativity I mentioned....

I loved every bit of this Nativity on Friday night! It gave me goosebumps just thinking about what that long ago night must have been like. So beautiful.

^^ The angel was spectacular! I'm not sure how she kept warm so high in the air with the wind blowing, but she was perfect. ^^

And there you have it! The final wrap-up to our very full and lovely weekend. I wouldn't have traded it for anything!