Christmas Card Tree

December 18, 2014

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season in the influx in snail mail. There's so much joy to opening your mailbox and discovering hand-addressed envelopes amongst the junk mail and the bills. Typically, I can't wait to get inside the house before opening them, and tear the seal open right away, to discover the fun festivity that awaits. I adore all the different designs and the photos we get sent, but I've never known just how to display them. 

That's when a thought dawned on me. I turned to the wooden/stick tree we made last year and knew instantly that it would make the perfect place to show off all of the cards we have received. And so it became our Christmas Card Tree. 

This photo was taken last year while we were piecing the tree together. Making it was super simple and required almost nothing. We spent some time outdoors, finding sturdy sticks and making sure we had plenty of different lengths. 

The key is to make sure that the sticks are varying in length, to get the tapered look. For some of the sticks we just broke them off accordingly to make them work.

With heavy duty twine, we wrapped a few tight loops around each branch, eventually connecting them all.

After our tree was together, we hung it and used wire lights and berries to spruce it up. And I made a star out of leftover sticks to stick atop the tree Then the cards started spilling in, so used a red and white twine to make a "hanger" and put them on the tree like ornaments.

I have loved having this neat and different way to display the cards we have received! I hope it's given you some inspiration to make a similar or completely different card display!