Friday Favorites, It's Almost Break!!

December 19, 2014

TGIF!!! This week has been turbulent and I'm so looking forward to the weekend. With only one workday (plus the hours left today) standing between me and two blissful weeks of break, I'm chugging ahead.

For now, I'm looking back on the week and sharing my very favorites...

[one] Our House Group Progressive Dinner on Saturday was the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and one another. Husband and I hosted dessert at our home, along with date-night themed white elephant exchange. If I had it my way, I'd declare progressive dinners were needed once a month.
[two] Christmas socks. I just maybe have gone a little overboard with festive Christmas socks this year, but I keep finding ones that I love and can't possibly live without. These socks have also been creeping in gifts that I've been putting together (sure hope they love these cheerful socks too!).

[three] Sprinkles and baking have been such a large part of the week. In fact, I kicked off the week this way with the gals in House Group. Really, what's better than fellowship, baking, and munching on homemade treats?!

[four] Java Jammie Christmas was Monday night with our friends. ^^ Here we are in Starbucks in our Christmas sweats and jammies, waiting on our orders. We had the BEST time looking at the lights. I'm not sure if I have laughed so hard in a long time. So along with Progressive Dinners, I'm also thinking Java Jammie Christmas needs to be a once a month thing too, even if there are no lights to look at.

[five] On Monday my sassy and phenomenal Grandmom turned 91! She's been like my second mom from the time I was a little tot to now. She's got a very special place in my heart and I'm thankful everyday to still get to do life with her. Tuesday night, we went out to celebrate this milestone with dinner and dessert. And if you like, you can see the big 90th birthday celebration we pulled off last year.

[six] Husband shaved his growing beard. Don't get me wrong, I love some facial hair on my guy, but it was getting a little out of control. So out of sweetness (and maybe a little regret) he trimmed that beard right off of his face. If I'm a honest, I miss it a teeny, tiny bit. And no husband, I won't repeat that ;)

[seven] Last year husband and I made this woodland tree and hung lights and berries on it. I really wanted to find some great knit ornaments to add to it this year, but just couldn't find anything I loved. So when the Christmas cards started spilling in this year, I felt a need to find a fun and creative way to display them. That's when I discovered that the cards could act as my ornaments. And so they are no hung on my woodland Christmas card tree and make a nice center piece to stop and take in our family and friends. 

[eight] We are now officially less than a week away from Christmas!! Say what?! I'm a bit sad that this month has gone by so quickly and I'm going to miss all the Christmas décor placed around my house. But, I am excited to celebrate this very special holiday with my near and dear ones.

[nine] Although this didn't happen this week, it was actually December 9th, I celebrated my second blogiversary! I can't believe that I've been documenting life on my little piece of the web for two years now. I have loved the community of friends I have made through this journey, the keepsakes I have with every post, and the chance to share my story. I look forward to many more years of this blogging adventure, and I hope you'll join me! I can't think all you readers enough for your sweet support!!

Now, go enjoy your Friday! I hope you have an incredible weekend! And if today marks the start of your Christmas break, may it be fabulous :)

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