Anniversary Trip Pt. 2

October 7, 2014

A Saturday in downtown Asheville was the biggest part of our anniversary trip. Like I said yesterday, usually I like to have a well laid out plan in place, but that wasn't the case for this adventure. We roamed the blocks and popped into stores that caught our fancy. We stopped for coffee, spices, soaps, and my favorite, ceramic painting. All of the spur-of-the-moment decisions really made the day!

We found this ceramic store by accident while we were searching for a place to eat dinner. Once we walked inside, we knew we wouldn't be leaving without a keepsake. So we picked a pumpkin, painted it, wrote a special anniversary note on the underside, and left it to be kiln-dried. They will be shipping it to us at the end of the week and we should have this now pastel-looking ceramic in two weeks, looking shiny and glossy. I'm super excited to get this in the mail!

Downtown Asheville was beautiful with all the colors and live music; it made the fall day feel pretty magical. If you're ever looking for a weekend retreat, I recommend this place!

We ended up eating at The Market Place for dinner, which was delicious. Husband tried the quail, and I opted for the salmon. I loved the inside décor and vibe. The oldies music was the best.

After dinner, I was craving something sweet. Fortunately, we stumbled across The Chocolate Fetish and picked out four different truffles to try. My favorite was the pumpkin pie, and lemon came in close second. Husband loved the Kahlua, and neither of us really loved the Champagne, but it was still tasty!

After filling ourselves with delectable chocolates we walked several blocks to the Asheville Community Theater and settled in for the Addams Family Musical. And then we retired for the night.

Sunday was simple, just like it should be. We woke up, had the freshest breakfast, and hung out in the hot tub. The two of us soaked up the last bit of our anniversary trip before packing up. For the ride home to Virginia, I sported one of my anniversary gifts, my 'wifey' sweatshirt, which I love (it's super soft too)!  We arrived home and opted to leave the real world behind for a bit longer, so we cuddled on the couch, ordered takeout, and fulfilled a first anniversary tradition...

We ate/tried the top tier of our wedding cake. What we expected to be freezer-burnt, tasted just like the night we had it, a year ago! We couldn't believe it! Props to our baker for his talents!

p.s. I took a lot of film while we were away and that can only mean one thing!