Anniversary Trip Pt. 1

October 6, 2014

I'm not going to even begin to understand how the past year has flown by. Instead, I'm going to remain in my leftover anniversary bubble from the weekend and keep reminiscing on the very best day of my life. You know, the one where I married husband.

Just about any married couple will tell you that their wedding day was perfect. Well, in fact mine was, and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Believe it or not, but the entire day leading up to our wedding, I was as calm as a cucumber, not stressing about a thing. God had given me peace and serenity for that special day after eleven months of planning, DIY-ing myself to death, and more planning. Truly, the day couldn't have turned out better if it had tried. 

I'd marry husband over and over again if I could. But, I'll settle for celebrating that big day of ours year after year instead. As we officially left the newlywed phase of our marriage yesterday, I found myself mixed with emotions, bittersweet that this particular season of life is over and also thrilled for the new seasons to come. If anyone hasn't told you, marriage is the hardest and most gratifying thing you could ever do. I wouldn't trade a moment of marriage for an endless gift card to Starbucks (yep, it's that worth it!). It's the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me, growing me daily, challenging my perspective, and showing me the tangible love of Jesus and His bride. It's such an honor and blessing to be a wife, especially to my sweet husband.

In honor of our wedding anniversary husband and I packed up early Friday afternoon and headed south for North Carolina. We spent the weekend hanging out in a cabin tucked away in the woods and exploring downtown Asheville. It was perfection. 

We got to the cabin late evening after dark had fallen and were ready to crash, but managed to find our second wind for some time in the hot tub, sparkling apple cider, a cigar for husband, a fire, and a movie. It was the most ideal start to our weekend. 

The basket of goodies waiting for us in the fridge didn't hurt either. One of the most unique parts of the trip was the hospitality we were shown at the Cottages at Spring House Farm. Upon our arrival, a fresh baked loaf of homemade bread was waiting for us, along with fresh eggs, jam, honey, and the above basket. It made for really wonderful breakfasts; you just can't beat that kind of freshness! 

Doesn't that meal look amazing?? The bread was darn good that I'm now asking for a bread maker for Christmas! I need that kind of goodness in my life on a daily basis. Husband wholeheartedly agreed. 

After breakfast and a hot cup of coffee, we settled next to the fireplace and read until 10:00 rolled around and it was time for our massages. It was such a good decision to have a couple's massage and if you are ever wondering if you should try it, yes, do it. We were able to include this in our package stay, and that was so nice because the massage therapists came to us. No leaving the cabin, no prep-work, and massages right by the wood stove. 

After our massages, we slipped back in the hot tub for a bit, mimosas in hand. The morning air was so chilly (in the low 50's) and crisp, with the leaves around us rustling and the magical wood-burning aroma drifting about from the wood stove.  I couldn't have asked for a better moment in time. 

Since we had gotten to our Cabin, the Outrigger, after dark, we took the time before leaving for our next adventure to explore outside. Our biggest mission was to discover what tree had been beating so violently on the tin roof the night before. Our sleep had been patchy, with each new chaotic pounding of branches on the roof; it had sounded like gunfire all night. Turns out, it wasn't a branch afterall. It was a tree losing every single one of its acorns. You've never heard anything like it. Fortunate for us, Saturday night was peaceful and calm. The wind had died down and the tree had no more acorns to pelt at the tin roof.

When I say we were tucked away in the woods, I really meant it. The cabin was cozily nestled in the trees, making it the perfect fall escape. My only wish is that the leaves had turned colors a bit more. But, honestly I can't complain, the cabin was heavenly.

Downtown Asheville was our next destination, and the only plan we had made was catching The Addams Family Musical at the local community arts center later that evening. So we walked around in the chilly autumn air making spur of the moments decisions. It was totally out of my character to do such a thing, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I'll be sharing our Asheville adventures tomorrow!