Fall Finds

October 8, 2014

This fall has been amazing for lots of reason. The summer pretended to be fall for a long while, which has given me an extension on this wonderful season, the leaves started turning earlier than usual, my decorations made a September appearance, and I've found some of the cutest items at amazing prices. While some of these items are seasonal, others are not, which means I'll be able to enjoy them year round! 

They are too good not to share with you, so I'm taking today to do just that. And I hope you find something new to indulge in at a stellar price! Because, ladies, really who doesn't love a steal?

You're swooning already, aren't you?? Just wait till I tell you the prices...then you're really going to flip.

This is a huge find for me as a coffee connoisseur. Lately I've had this problem finding coffee for brewing in my own coffee pot that I love. These days, husband and I keep trying different brands, making it slowly through a bag that is mediocre and tastes off. We keep getting brewed coffee that has a burnt aftertaste. It's been killing our morning vibe. And so, months and months ago, the search for the perfect coffee began.

Since we love us some Starbucks, we thought they're coffee would be the winning ticket and we started there. Well, they should sell Starbucks baristas with their coffee too, because the coffee all on its own, without being turned into my favorite latte, just doesn't cut it. Super disappointing.

Then we moved on to Target's Archer Farms. Nope that didn't work either. And through another bag of blah we went. Then Dunkin' Donuts' fall festive commercials caught my eye. We don't have a Dunkin' Donuts near us, and I've only had it once and didn't really care for the iced coffee I had ordered. But, I was running out of options at the grocery store and I just needed a new bag for brewing at Pete's birthday bash. So I went for it and selected their Original Blend. We got it at our local Kroger for $11.19.

Whoa, what a difference and amazing coffee. We've gotten through almost the entire bag and not a burnt aftertaste to be had. It's changed me and my mornings. Finally, some coffee that doesn't make me grimace as my taste buds catch up to each sip. And I can't mention coffee without creamer. Props to all you that drink it black (I might think you're a little crazy)!. Husband and I just went for Coffee Mate's Caramel Macchiato creamer and we love it! So long to my boring vanilla creamer; you served me well! This was another Kroger pick-up on special for under $4.

Like any good wife in the grocery store, I stray from my list. Husband loves when that happens. Usually I'm pretty good, but there's always one thing that catches my eye and I just have to it. On this week's particular grocery run, we'd made it all the way through the store without my attention being drawn away from my list. Then we got to the checkout line...the place where they put all the tempting items for you to throw in your buggy at the last second. Sure enough, my eyes were drawn to Brach's Caramel Apple Candy Corn. Before husband knew it, the bag was in our cart. Considering it was only $1.50, he didn't mind. And I have loved grabbing a few here and there throughout the week. If you're local grocery store has it, I say buy it! They're so much better than the traditional version and they taste just like the caramel apple suckers, but without out all that stickiness.

Who doesn't love cute kitchen accessories, especially when you love to entertain have people over?? What's more to love than that? How about Target's Dollar Bin?! I love that bin and check it out just about every time I go into the store. You can't not with all the cute items they've been stocking in it lately. I found the red ramekins (above) in that section, in a pack of two for $3. So of course I bought two packs. I loved the red, which will go perfect for every single season/holiday (think about it...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, 4th of July, etc). You can't go wrong here, especially when you will pay more if you buy them individually in the kitchen section. Yes, I double checked to make sure I was getting a deal. If red isn't your thing, they also have white in the Dollar Bin. Hurry, get to Target before they're all gone!! 

I have been itching to try colorful lipstick out. And after a lot of amazing suggestions from a #fridayintroductions post on Instagram a few weeks back, I decided to ease myself into it. I went for Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti. And I love it! It's enough color without being too much, and that's exactly what I needed for my first go with colored lipstick. Now I'm ready to go bolder; I'll keep you posted with my next color selection and how I like it. But, I'm definitely going with Revlon's Lip Butter again since it feels like chapstick, goes on smoothly, and only costs $4.79.

While searching for the lipstick, I also had to browse the nail polish. It's the same thing that happens with me, my list, and the grocery store. I go in for one thing and come out with a few additional items. Oops. But, this time I found a real steal! Maybellline's Color Show in Better in Buff was on clearance for $1.48. I couldn't pass that up, especially since it was similar to an OPI color I've been wanting to buy, and we all know how expensive OPI is. I love the color on my nails and it's a great neutral for any time of the year. 

I'm a sucker for neutral eye shadows and often times I have trouble finding what I'm envisioning. I saw an ad in a magazine during September for Maybelline's new The NUDE eyeshadow and figured it was the perfect palette to try out. I went looking for it at Target and it's space on the shelf was empty, which I figured was a good sign even though I was disappointed to have to wait for it. Definitely worth the wait though. I love having so many neutrals to pick from, and at $9.99 it's a good steal for all the colors offered. 

I am always looking for a seasonal hat with flair. More often than not I find exactly what I'm looking for and it costs way more than I'm willing to spend. Target struck again when I walked through their hat section. I found a perfectly colored brown, suede hat. And ladies, it was only $16.99 **gasp**. Now I'm just waiting for the perfect fall occasion to bring this beaut out. 

Months ago I posted about my glasses search. I was looking to switch my current and past optical look up. It took me what felt like forever before I found something that I loved, not just liked. And I encourage you to wait on something too, if you like it, but feel that you don't absolutely love it. I'm glad I did. Bonlook's Rialto in Sepia Kiss was golden for me. It was exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be more pleased! The shape and tortoise coloring is spot on. This was more of an expensive deal, but a deal nonetheless at only $114, prescription lenses included. Compared to the cost of previous glasses, then was a bargain! 

And so you have it, my favorite fall finds. Have you found anything extraordinary this season?? If so, I'd love to know! 

**This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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