How The Hills Got Their Groove Back

July 15, 2014

Well first we struggled. Oh wait we're STILL struggling! Getting back into full-time exercise is proving to be a beast, but we're determined to stick with it and see results.

Day 1 was rough which meant today we are both very sore. I can't even suck in my gut, my abs are so darn achy. Guess that's just my body yelling at me for not working out for so long. Touché.

Day 2 is thankfully done, leaving only 88 days to go. Yikes!! Today I had an epiphany, though. But, first, let me backtrack for a second.

When husband and I originally planned for this P90X challenge, we also decided we wanted to stick to the meal plan they provided. Husband made a list of the week's meals and snacks, we spent way too much money at the grocery store buying it all, and we have suffered since Monday.

The food is high in protein, halfway tasty and I have only furthered my dislike for protein bars. KIND bars come back to me. 

This brings me full circle to the epiphany. We are eating unrealistically; we'll never continue to eat this strict and specific way after the program ends.

No, we'll go back to healthy eating, the occasional treat, and normalcy. It was while fighting the urge to nap all day, after having had 7.5 hours of sleep, that I was struck with such distaste for the meal plan.

I shouldn't feel like all my energy has been sucked from me. I should feel refreshed (and sore) and on top of my game. I started losing hope in this program.

But husband let me talk it all out, wade through my feelings and the emotions spawned by eating absolutely no carbs and no sweets. It just does weird things to me. 

That's when we decided we will look at this program differently. Yes, we want to see where our bodies are in 90 days, but mostly we just want to treat this like normal exercise, a daily activity we use to get and eventually stay in shape.

With a 5:00 (that's evening; no way we'd make that time in the morning) start time every Monday through Saturday we will make our way to October 14 with muscles out in full force and bodies rockin' (so we hope, but not too muscly for me.)

After the 90 days are up, our 6-day workouts will become 5 and life will feel right. It will have become a habit and it will be great.

We're also kicking the meal plan to the curb. And we're going to spruce our already fairly healthy food choices up a bit. We're not going to deprive ourselves of some of our favorites, but we'll keep them in moderation.

We feel happy with this plan, our plan. Now I'm going to sit back and relax these super tight muscles. Tomorrow morning husband and I have a Starbucks date, because that's what we do.

(I've written this the way my brain was working today; idea after idea popping up. Hope you enjoyed.)