25 Fun Facts About Me

July 16, 2014

Today I was supposed to share my new fresh skin and beauty routine, but my products have yet to arrive in the mail, which means I haven't truly gotten to start this new regimen. I was being hasty and a little too excited. So, instead I thought I would share some mostly unknown things about myself...the kind of stuff that rarely, if ever comes up in conversations. So here goes!

1. I adore husband's fresh out of the shower Wolverine hair, but at the same time his hair is long enough that I wish he would get it cut.
2. I love it when husband has a fresh hair cut.
3. I could live in perpetual fall and never tire of it.
4. I am always correcting grammar in my head. I'll sit down for a leisure read and find myself editing the book. You've been warned.
5. I make grocery lists in the order of the way I walk through the store.
6. When checking out at the grocery store I like to put the items that belong with one another together (boxes with boxes, cans with cans, frozen with frozen, etc.).
7. It drives me nuts when the person bagging messes my organized items ups and combines them with unlike items.
8. My favorite thing to do when I get home from work is to change from work clothes to comfy clothes. Bring on the pjs or sweats.
9. I don't like the number 3. I just don't.
10. I don't have a lucky number, but I do have a favorite and it's #8.
11. Besides my engagement ring, wedding band, and some earring studs, I never wear jewelry at home.
12. I'm all about the Real Housewives series. It's my go-to show.
13. I'm allergic to almost all pets (of the hairy kind), which is okay because I'm not an animal person.
14. I have my go-to/favorite Starbucks drinks for different weather and seasons.
  • Chilly mornings/days: nonfat dark caramel latte (this morning I was told they are no longer carrying dark caramel; say what?!)
  • Hot mornings/days: nonfat coffee frappucino
  • Fall: caramel apple spice (I could go for one of those now)
  • Winter: caramel brulée latte
15. I firmly believe that a vanilla milkshake will momentarily make the world feel like a better place. 
16. I kind of take the previous back; make that a cake batter shake.
17. I declare September 1st as the official "Decorate Your House In Fall Décor Day!"
18. I'm currently in the middle of revamping my office space and I can't wait too see the final product!
19. Sometimes I wish I could design my own clothes and jewelry.
20. And sometimes I wish I had a personal shopper and stylist.
21.  I love getting new magazines in the mail (yay for Food Network & Better Homes and Gardens!).
22. I am waiting for my at-home Warby Parker try on glasses to arrive (this is going to be fun!)
23. I own a lot of cardigans, but I still don't think I have enough.
24. Husband and I secretly tell each other "I love you" in sign language when we're in a crowd, departing from one another, or just because. It's my favorite.
25. I don't like my food to touch. No joking around here; if there's liquid running from the veggies straight toward my mashed potatoes you better believe I'm moving at lightening speed to stop it with a napkin.