A Week Of Fresh Starts. So What If It's Monday!

July 14, 2014

The "last supper" yesterday evening. Let the healthy eating begin!
Today marks the kickoff to fresh starts all around in the Hill household. Some husband will be joining in and others not so much, like a new beauty routine (can't blame him there). After a lot of thought and even more complaining on both our parts about our current lifestyle, we decided to change it up and make a new regimen work for us. So we' beginning a new exercise program (P90X; please say a prayer for me), eating strictly without much to any leniency (no sweets and I don't know how I'll survive), earlier bedtimes, and just for me, a new before-bedtime-routine for taking makeup off and keeping my skin fresh, clean, and youthful.

We have decided to focus on the bodies and minds we were given, turning into our best selves. Not only that, but it will make our household run smoother, with a constant and lasting daily routine, which we so badly need. Otherwise we just lounge around after work, not taking advantage of the time we have. So no more laziness, no more complaining and not taking care of it, and no more wishing to be better while not doing a thing about it.

Today we're taking action; we're turning our lives around now and adjusting to it before we also have to adjust children to it. We're going to whip ourselves into shape and take care of our 20-something bodies so they'll serve us at their highest potential.

Why did we decide to do this, you may be asking? For lots of reasons, both personal and some we mutually share. There are also  my New Year goals, which I so badly wanted to keep for myself. The first two are about exercising and clean eating....which I kept until the end of April and then I let life takeover and get away from me. In all honesty the clean eating only lasted several months and there were desserts, sweets, and other treats along the way. I wasn't being 100% successful with that goal, and now I'm not being 100% with either goal. Just think, if I had stuck with those aspirations, I would be half of the way through the year at this point. I could have seen so much change and been in a healthier place. I'm quite tired of saying, "If only I'd kept going." So, husband and I have decided we will make this happen for ourselves and leave the regrets behind.

I mean really, isn't it easier to take care of my body now rather than later?! To get it back into working order, leave the backaches behind, take exceptional care of my skin, and reach for the absolute best for the temple God gave me. I'd much rather deal with my body in the shape it is now, than to deal with it in ten to fifteen years when more wear and tear has been done and there are more issues to address. Why not equip myself now so that my body doesn't deteriorate more rapidly in the future?! I've got one body, might as well keep it in excellent working order.

It all makes sense to me and now it's about my will power. Do I want this bad enough and am I willing to do what it takes to turn my semi-healthy lifestyle around and make it a very healthy, while also manageable, lifestyle? My answer is yes. That doesn't mean, though, that this won't be a major challenge; I am nervous about it. I'm worried it might not work, may not stick, and I won't be able to take it. But, I know that with bountiful support from husband and never-failing provision from God I will power through this. Eventually it will turn into a habit and it will be nothing. I'm looking forward to getting to that point. Until then, "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can....." while I eat this mid-morning protein bar.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be sharing our new health and (my) beauty routine. Have any pointers for me (how you made it stick, your daily regimens, tips, etc.)? Please share with a comment below. A community is essential to making this work and I'd love to share this journey with you as you do the same too.