Let Me Tell You A Thing Or Two...

June 17, 2014

...husband is the king of making coffee and sweet tea in our household. Don't let me make it or you will end up with overly sugary sweet tea (not that I truly mind) and coffee that taste like black coffee no matter how much creamer you might add.

...I always start my days with the best intentions of tackling my entire to-do list. And somehow at the end of the day I've maybe accomplished one or two things. Bleh, anyone else experience this problem?

...I tell husband a million times a day that I love him; sometimes I will tell him as I leave a room, only to tell him again when I re-enter the room a few minutes later. At times I think I say it too much, but really can you ever say you love someone too much?!

...more mornings than fewer, I go through at least three outfits until I find one that I'm feeling okay in. And usually, I end up in the first outfit I tried on. Go figure.

...it never fails that just as I'm excited for a new season and it arrives, I find myself even more excited for the upcoming season. I've already got Autumn on my brain and summer hasn't even officially begun.

...I very rarely buy a new book because I'm always wondering if I'm making the best pick. It's a struggle. Oh how I love the smell of new book pages and the crisp stiffness of them before the book has been worn in. I need to just go with it sometimes. (p.s. I'm in the market for a new book; any suggestions?)

...I make quite a mess putting on mascara, but I bet you'd never have guessed that, would you?
(q-tips are life savers)

...I'm obsessed with subtle, natural-looking ombré hair coloring. Can you tell? If you're looking to change up your hair with some of this beautiful coloring, I've got just the hair dresser for you to contact.

...when stressed I bite my nails. I hate it when I do, but I realize it once it's too late and my pretty nails are gone. I need to break that habit.

...white wine or rosé only; red wine and my tastebuds don't get along.

...baby fever is never leaving and I've accepted that. Husband has too.

...Burberry is my favorite perfume; it's my scent and I hope it never leaves the shelves.

...I'm goofiest with husband. He just brings that silliness out in me and I love him for it.

...I love taking photos, but I feel shy in front of a camera. I'm working on that.

...I think I could live in New York City; I think.

...and I fall more in love with husband everyday.