Watermelon Season + The Giveaway Winner!

June 16, 2014

This weekend was lazy and nothing but fun. You need that kind of weekend every now and then; a weekend to put away the to-do list, to kick your feet up, and reconnect with your people. Husband and I jumped at the chance to have two days just like that! We celebrated my little sister's birthday with a Saturday morning pitstop at Waffle House for breakfast, followed by a round of putt putt where I lost miserably (I won't tell you by how much). The afternoon was spent in a kiddy pool, I kid you not (pun intended), with Better Homes & Gardens in my hand. See, last summer I had an epiphany...if I couldn't be at a pool then why not bring the pool atmosphere to myself. Thus, the purchase of a 6 foot kiddy pool and the addition of a plastic lounge chair was placed in it to 'float' about while tanning and relaxing. Genius and for the rest of my summers I will always use this trick.

Sunday was church, followed by lunch with some of our favorites. Can you guess what we did after that? Yep, more pool time in our backyard, but this time with strawberry daiquiris thanks to husband. Instead of rum, we sometimes opt to use a lemon-lime soda instead. Try it. The rest of our day was spent lounging, with an exception of a grocery trip because that was kind of essential. I'd say this weekend was a success and I feel refreshed on this Monday morning. Granted, I'd love a weekend that never ended, but I'll take the one we just had and patiently wait for the coming Saturday and Sunday. Did I mention, watermelons are now in season and rolling around on our countertop?! Finally, days filled with dripping, sticky watermelon juice, perfect for cooling you off in the middle of the heat. Plus, you don't feel guilty eating as much as you want, it's fruit after all!

p.s. the lucky giveaway winner is Ciara Price! Congrats, lady on your new Norah Collection candlestick holders. Please send an email to hillcollectionblog@gmail.com with your choice of stain. Check our Etsy Shop to see the available colors (found in the photos).