A Few More Quirky Isms...

June 19, 2014

...to this day I shave the corn off the cob to eat it; braces ruined me.

...love, love, love pairing cobalt and coral tones (I think I like mustard too, but that's a work in progress). Just check out my 
...let it be known that I take the tiniest bites of food humanly possible. I'd say my bites are in direct comparison to bites taken by a toddler. And I'm always the last person eating/at the table. Ridiculous, I know.

...if ever there were another language I spoke well, it would be Greek.

... I despise taking the clear, plastic cap off of a new stick of deodorant. It hurts my fingertips and takes me forever. (Good thing I now know to roll the deodorant up until you can easily remove the cap; it only took me a few decades to learn this helpful advice. Thanks Alicia!)

...husband & I have a list of children's names already picked out. No we're not telling.

...I have two middle names, one starts with an 'M' & the other with an 'R'; can you guess them??

...if I were an exceptional actor and singer on Broadway, I would play Holly Golightly singing Moon River.

...going to the dentist is the pits. There is just nothing worse than the buzzing, smoother tool (whatever its proper name is) and all the gritty particles it leaves behind. Gag.

...I'm not a huge fan of meat; I'd rather have pasta any day. But no, that does not make me a vegetarian nor do I think I would ever change over to that lifestyle. Long live meat, just in little quantities.

...when I can't decide where to dine out with husband, he will make a final decision, which only confirms to me the place that I don't want to eat. (sorry for being so complicated, husband)

...oh, shoulder freckles, I do love you and am happy to sport quite a few myself. Nose freckles are kind of cute too. 

...husband is the baked potato whisperer; he is the only one in our house allowed to say if they are cooked through or not, otherwise if I do it you'll get a very hard baked potato or basically no baked potato at all after the microwave has destroyed it.

...the smell of sunscreen and sun-warmed skin is a favorite summer scent of mine; it brings back childhood memories.

...milkshakes could solve the world's worries, at least for me. My go-to and favorite is the cake batter shake from Cold Stone (husband loves strawberry).

...I'm right-handed, but I kick with my left foot. I think it balances me out.

...reality television is my guilty pleasure. Who else is a Real Housewives fan??

...if I could be well known for anything, I'd want it to be for my writing and designs.

...recently, I've fallen in love with early morning light; the downside is waking up to catch it. I hope to be a morning person one of these days.

...I'll only wear sandals if my toes are painted; otherwise bring on the close-toed look.

...while I love coffee, I rarely drink it entirely. I never can get through an entire cup, no matter how delicious it is.

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