See Ya Next Year, Spring!

June 20, 2014

Spring sure did take forever to get here this year, and just like all other things, came and went faster than I imagined. My favorite part of spring is watching the Earth wake back up from it's winter slumber. Mother Nature comes alive and transforms the brown, barren landscape into a lush green accented with blossoms. Sometimes I think this world can't get prettier than it is in spring, but then I remember fall *swoon*.

This particular year I tried my hardest to pay close attention to the trees and grass as they were popping with blooms, filling out, and turning leafy. While enjoyable, it almost made me anxious that I wouldn't notice the change from tiny bud into blossom, etc. I think I did pretty well though, and I still claim that the best part of the budding/blossoming process is when the trees look they're full of popcorn. That phase doesn't last long so you have to soak as much of it in quickly!

Husband and I are kicking off the official start to summer with a beach trip. I can't take credit for planning it to perfectly fall on the first day of summer, although I wish I could; sometimes life works out quite nicely like that. We will be headed to the Outer Banks (OBX) for a week of camping in the sand dunes! Yes, I said camping. Intimidating, I know, but fortunately this is my second go-round and I'm more excited this time than I was the first. That's saying something. Turns out I actually enjoyed myself in a camp setting, without electricity, with public bathrooms, and showers that only poured cold water when a string was pulled on (rugged!). But, oh you feel like a champ when you get through it all, empowered really. And you feel a whole lot more relaxed and connected to your loved ones.

That's the best part of beach camping, you have to completely 'disconnect' while connecting with your people. You go to bed with the sun and wake with it. You spend your day lounging on the beach, no agenda, no worries, no to-do's. You let your body relax, your mind shut off, and you enjoy every moment. Nothing else gets in the way. And while I know not many people are fans of camping, much less doing it at the beach. Try it, just once, if even for a day or two. Making your dinners on a camp stove, lighting your night with a lantern, and turning off the rest of the world does wonders. It takes the fast pace of life and literally slows it down. It's glorious while being so unglamorous.

After the chaos of last week, this is exactly what I need, exactly what husband I are so looking forward to. A week of salty air in my hair, sand flecked bodies, the darkening of my freckled skin, yes it is precisely what this gal needs. And when I get home, I'll be refreshed, thankful for warm showers, and even more sure that next year we'll head back to sweet Frisco.

Happy weekend, dear readers! xoxo

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