Open For Business!

April 28, 2014

Pete and I are so EXCITED to announce the opening of our Hill Collection Etsy Shop!! I'm thinking excited might be an understatement. We are absolutely thrilled to share our love of woodworking through opening up this business! From the get-go, Pete has been the builder, while I take on the role of designer. We've found we're a perfect team in taking an idea or concept and turning it into a real piece of furniture or home décor. Pete also has some design ideas he adds to our projects, which gives me a whole new perspective on how we can create something. And I get my hands dirty by sanding all of our pieces/creations. Together we stain each piece and put the finishing touches on every individual product.

We have made so many pieces of furniture for our home, from a dining room table and a fabric covered ottoman,  to a cushioned bench/chest and a side table. To add to our love of woodworking, we have found how much we absolutely love refinishing furniture, or turning it into a whole new piece entirely. In the last six months we have turned an old dresser into a nightstand table, taken some pretty ugly dining room chairs and given them a makeover, and taken a four-drawer, horizontal storage unit and converted it into a filing cabinet. 

The more we work with wood, the more accustomed to it we become with it and the further the passion grows. So opening up an Etsy Shop held a huge appeal for the two of us. With a lot of thought and the ever-present urge to build, we decided we were going for it! It's kind of a mini dream come true for us...building furniture and home pieces for our own little business. Yes, we've thought several times about forgoing our day jobs to open a furniture store, but we'll wait on that for now. Till then, please go take a look around our shop! We have put so much love and detail in every product and we hope you'll adore them as much as we do. We'll be adding new pieces as we create them, so make sure to visit often for the newest addition to our Hill Collection!!

Below are some previews of the products currently available for purchase in our Etsy Shop