Beach On My Mind

April 25, 2014

It's that time of year when the taste of summer is sweet and you know the hot days are so close you can almost touch them. I'm a girl who always thought I could live year round in the season of fall. But, the more I think about that possibility, the more I realize how I couldn't possibly go without being at or on the water. Water as in a lake, an ocean, a name it, I want it as a part of my summer. How can anyone possibly go an entire year without frolicking in deep blue water, floating about on the water's surface, casting a rod out into rippling waves, etc.?! That, and I love a good tan!

So, here I sit in my home office, listening to the rain fall through my open windows (because I refuse to shut them) and desperately craving the sea air on my face and tangled into my braided hair, the sun warming my skin while I lose myself in a book, a table full of fresh cooked, steaming crabs and the messy hands covered in Old Bay and melted butter, and a cold frozen drink in my hand that I'm sipping on an oceanfront deck while wrapped in a blanket, chilly from the day's tan. Now you're craving the ocean too, huh? It's contagious, I'm telling you. And I've got to make some plans to get there asap!

To find this print, go here. And to listen to a song that is playing over and over in my head, go here.