Camping It Is

May 1, 2014

When the weather warms, it's hard to keep husband and I indoors for long. We both crave a hearty amount of outdoor time and we take any chance we get to be outside. This past weekend was a rare weekend with no plans. And although we would face rain Friday night, Saturday and Sunday were promising with temperatures in the high 70s. We decided on a whim we would head to my parents' for a little getaway adventure and some camping. Because, who doesn't want to camp when the opportunity presents itself?! Okay, maybe that's just us. 

Another perk of great weather...a smoker that slowly cooks the best pork you will ever eat. Don't own one? Get one, you'll never regret it! Not to mention, the smell of the flavored wood chips is out of this world!

 Surprisingly, the weather cooperated with us to get our tent up and peacefully enjoy it without rain or ridiculous winds. One of my favorite things about my parents' is the view. It's undeniably beautiful and I wish I could package it up and take it with me. Those mountains, have become my mountains. Yes, I know technically they are not mine, but I like to think so anyway. 

Our tent is pretty large. Why would we need a mansion of a tent for just two of us? I'll tell you; we decided when we bought it a year ago that we wanted to buy something that would last us for years. And in those years, I hope this tent becomes filled with littles and their laughter. So we were preparing for our long-term with a tent big enough for our future family. And in case you were wondering, baby fever is still real and alive for this gal. No surprise there.

When the sun had finally set, dinner had filled our bellies, and we had played several rounds of "Farkle", s'mores made their way into the picture. An open fire is one of my favorite things about camping. I love the smell of the wood burning and the immediate warmth that envelops you. 

Husband and I always forget to get photos of ourselves when we do things. Instead we have plenty of photos of everything we have done. This time, though, we remembered we needed to be on the other side of the camera lens. Yay, for a picture of us finally!