Mini Series Roundup

January 28, 2014

Wow, last week's guest posts were amazing! I had such an incredible time sharing the blog for six days with six fabulous women. I enjoyed everyone's take on themed eating and how healthy foods and activities are incorporated into their life and day-to-day. Perspective on healthy eating is what I was looking for and that's definitely what I got. As I've mentioned before, I have felt limited in my dinner recipes and coming up with original meals to prepare. Now that husband and I are eating under a themed umbrella each day, having different outlooks on ingredients used to prepare clean meals is something I need to be successful. I don't want to burn out with recipes before I even get started. And last week all of my guest posters certainly opened my eyes to all the possibilities, especially when it comes to taking a staple side and alternating it out for a healthier, creative substitute. Variety is key. 

I'm now loaded up with recipes to try out for myself and so are you! And I can't wait to try them out, which is why some of the recipes are appearing on our dinner list this week. And because my aim with themed eating was flexibility, we aren't necessarily sticking to eating certain recipes on certain days. For instance, portobello mushroom pizzas were featured on Meatless Monday, but for our schedule and what works best for us, we are having it for Traditional Thursday. So the portobello mushroom pizzas are our take on a traditional meal, transformed. Same for the applesauce, which we devoured last night along with broccoli mac n' cheese and red cabbage slaw. As for the fish tacos, we'll be eating those up for Fish Friday. 

Another change we are making for ourselves with themed eating is to change Crock pot meals to Thursdays and Traditional meals to Wednesday. For us, Wednesdays are too busy to keep a crock pot going (we'd burn our food!). But, Thursdays work super well for a crock pot meal. So we're switching it up. See! It really is all about making it work for you and not cramming yourself into a box that just doesn't fit into your lifestyle. Making it work will make it stick!

Thanks to the gals who shared their recipes and healthy lives. And thanks to all my readers for opening up to my guests. I am already thinking up ideas for another guest posting series! If you try out any of the recipes, share your comments or tweaks. And if you have any recipes, please share, I'm always looking for more dinner ideas.