A Birthday Over The Weekend!!

January 27, 2014

On Saturday I celebrated my 24th and I must say, I'm feeling like quite the adult. Okay, so nothing really changed, I still look the same and feel the same. Isn't that how it works every birthday, though?  But, it was a spectacular day and I want a repeat, please. 

If I'm getting technical, my birthday festivities began Friday afternoon with a lunch date out with my sister and mom. Of course, cupcakes made their way into my day, with a quick stop at Bubblecake after lunch. And who can pick just one?! So we picked 6 to share and taste test (goodbye clean eating habits). Don't worry, we didn't eat them all in one setting...that would be impossible with their size and sweetness. So, I've still got half eaten cupcakes sitting on my kitchen counter that I am still munching on. Then there was dinner with my in-laws at the embassy. Yes, you read me right....we ate at the embassy, a restaurant that is known for its authentic Mexican cuisine. 

And Saturday, my actual day of birth, began with an early morning full of lattes and pastries, that lead into an afternoon/brunch affair of turkey burger sliders, french fries, mimosas, and carmelitas. I'd say I had quite the start to the day in the way of delicious food. Lunch was followed by hours of tubing with family and friends. And, although, it was quite frigid, it was a blast! The blustery snow set the backdrop for a winter wonderland, and the escapades of tubing brought out the child in me. After our fill of the slopes and a hot chocolate for thawing out on the way home, I was treated to dinner prepped and cooked by my parents at the Hill household. And a special dessert tart made (homemade, mind you) by my sweet husband. 

^^Of course we went to Starbucks. Where else would we go?!^^
^^My sneaky husband and sister teamed up to surprise me with decorations. Gotta love them!^^
^^I'm only a little crazy about fresh squeezed orange juice these days.^^
^^We've come up with a healthy recipe for turkey burgers that we can't stop eating. So when husband planned out the day, this fit perfectly into our plans to share with our friends before hitting Winterplace.^^

All in all, I loved celebrating the start of my twenty-fourth year. It's going to be a fantastic age full of some pretty amazing stuff. This whole getting another year older thing isn't quite so bad, when you live your years intentionally with the people that make it so worth while.