Snow Day Surprise

January 29, 2014

^^This was yesterday afternoon, when the flurries were barely falling and only sticking to the parking lots. The grass was merely speckled and the roads were completely clear. The weatherman had forecasted a 40% chance of snow showers with little to no accumulation. Silly me, I believed him. For the past two weeks, snow accumulation has been broadcasted over and over again. Only to not come into fruition and to leave scattered patches on the brown ground. It looks so ugly with the dead grass and small pockets of melting snow. It's my least favorite thing about the winter. My philosophy is if it's going to be super cold, then let there be lots of snow. Otherwise, I don't want the cold.^^

^^Then about 10:00 last night I looked out my front door to take in this site. No accumulation, huh? And the snow didn't stop falling at this point either. Oh, no. By the time I got in the bed, it was still coming down outside. And yes, I was very excited for the possibility of heaping, fluffy snow in the morning. That and a snow day!^^

^^Luckily, the dream I had early this morning about all the snow having melted, wasn't foreshadowing of the conditions outside. Instead, it was just the opposite. The ground is covered, and so are the roads, which means working from home today (yay!). There's nothing quite like working in your comfy clothes, with a fireplace going and the snow to peer out at. Who says kids are the only ones that can get excited about snow days?! Pshh. Happy Snow Day to you! I hope you enjoy it one way or another!^^