Deck The Halls

December 10, 2013

The holidays are beautiful. For their meaning, for the people they bring together, and the lovely decorations that deck the surfaces of towns, businesses, and homes. I'm a decoration fan (to say the least) and I love soaking in all the lights, tinsel, and garland. My favorite aspect of putting all the décor together in my own home is the creativity involved to make the look my own. Being unique and finding different ways to deck the halls is my kind of challenge. With this being the Hills first married Christmas, I knew we would be sticking to a small decoration budget, that the homemade items were gong to be the way to go. And of course, homemade is my favorite; there's so much sentiment put into each item made and it's a lovely way to decorate for and celebrate a holiday that goes far beyond the materialism that creeps in.

Our home Christmas décor is minimal, but made from the heart. It's my favorite season and you can see the love husband and I poured into our decorations. I absolutely love seeing our personalities in our home and that doesn't fall short when it comes to our holiday touches. I hope you and yours have just as much putting holiday attire on your home! 

 ^^Our first Christmas ornament. Kind of my new favorite.^^
^^This motorcycle ornament is going to have to suffice for now. Sorry, husband. One day, though.^^
^^Nothing better than apothecary jars. They're so easy to transition throughout the seasons.^^
Remember this tree from here?! Well, it's all complete now.