December 9, 2013

In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I almost forgot what makes today such a milestone. My blog is one year old today! That means I have been blogging for an entire year's time and in it all I've collected so many great moments, memories, and stories. It's incredible to think that I have been able to record so many special experiences from then to now. It makes me excited to continue this blogging adventure, to push myself in my writing and creativity. This past year has been amazing in so many facets and I feel lucky to have written the biggest of moments and even the smallest down. Looking back on it, it is quite a blessing, to see where I've come and to feel excited about where I'll go. This blog has been so much fun and thank you for your readership. I can't express how blessed I feel to have my readers and their support. Here's to many more years in the blogging world!

p.s. See my first blog post here. Oh, my how much as occurred since then.