Grandmom, The Rockstar

December 11, 2013

90 has never looked quite so good. Yes, that's right Grandmom is 90 years young this upcoming Sunday, and she is one special lady who deserves to be celebrated. And that we did with a surprise birthday party on a beautiful December day. Along with husband, we served as the decoy team for getting her to the party without spoiling the surprise. With "reservations" made for lunch, we invited her along for an early birthday get-together, just the three of us. The three of us, which quickly turned into the fifty-some of us! The look on her face was priceless when she realized how many family members had all come together to celebrate her very big birthday. It was not only nice to see all my family, but it was pretty special to give Grandmom a day that was all about her. Happiest of Birthdays to one of my very favorite people!

We held the party at The Inn at Virginia Tech. And my oh my are their Christmas decorations gorgeous! It's a miniature Christmas land throughout their halls with an assortment of differently decorated Christmas trees and garland hanging everywhere. I want to go back just to look at the trees again.

^^Grandmom and her daughters, and her daughter's daughters, and yes there is now even a daughter's daughter's daughter. Did you catch that?^^
 ^^And this is just about all of us. Shew, that's a whole lot of people, but one awesome family.^^