To The Pumpkin Patch We Go

October 28, 2013

Sharing all the wedding and honeymoon photos has been a joy! But, I am excited to share some seasonal photos now, because truly it's the greatest time of year. And what do you do to get in the spirit? You go to the pumpkin patch, why of course! And I am a pumpkin lover, so we couldn't have been in a more perfect place, with chillier weather, to really soak up the beauty of fall. 

So on a Saturday afternoon, we loaded up the extended Hill family and friends and headed to Joe's Trees. This tree farm has been a family tradition for years with my own family, where we went yearly to tag a Christmas tree and a cut it down. In the past few years, they have begun a pumpkin patch, and this year was my first experience with my new family. I never realized just how much they had to offer for the pumpkin season, but boy do they have a wonderful event going on. There are vendors with homemade goods (yum!), tractor rides, a pumpkin patch full of an assortment of pumpkins (the blue and white ones are my favorite), and a corn maze. It was such a lovely day, surrounded by family, the colors of autumn, a setting sun, and a windy ambiance that really set the scene. 

 ^^Don't I have a handsome husband?! Probably my favorite photo from the day.^^
^^Two very excited boys about their pumpkin patch finds. Who can blame them??^^
 ^^Boys will be boys. And in this case, brothers will be brothers. To the corn maze they race.^^

Until next year, because we will certainly be back!