The Honeymoon, A Week In Paradise

October 25, 2013

On our honeymoon, we were sans technology. That meant no internet and no television. So Pete and I got in a habit of going to sleep with the sun and waking with it in the early morning. It was a peaceful way to end the day, giving us about 10 hours of sleep a night. I know, 10 hours is remarkable! We not only needed the rest, but also the absence of social media updates, email inquiries, etc. so we could really focus on one another. The week in Antigua was so simple, yet so accommodating. With our meals planned out for us, delicious food (like out of this world), infinity pools, and never-ending piña coladas, we relaxed like royalty. Our pictures don't do this place justice, but it will just have to do...until our next visit, of course!

^^Do you spot the bird?^^
^^This guy was always flying into our bungalow without our notice. So upon entering through our sliding doors we would have close-misses with this bird as he darted around. Let's just say after he left some unwelcome droppings on one of my bathing suits, he was no longer allowed to enter.^^
^^These were my favorite drinks the entire trip. I wanted something refreshing, and after explaining that to the bartender he whipped together this frozen concoction of mango, passion fruit, orange juice, and some other syrup that I didn't quite catch. The waiters quickly realized that whenever I was around that was my preferred cocktail, and we were never short of one.^^
^^ Watching the sun go down at the sunset infinity pool never got old. We made it a must to catch it that entire week.^^
^^The sunsets really were brilliant!^^
^^A last night treat from the resort. How neat is their presentation?^^
And on Saturday, our last day came. And as sad as we were to leave this place, we were doubly as excited to get back to Virginia and settle into our new home. When you're looking forward to the start of something so wonderful, it doesn't make leaving something just as amazing so hard.