Speedy Time & Chocolate Covered Fruit

August 11, 2013

Weekends guarantee one thing, they will go by at the speed of light. Don't blink, because sure enough it will be Friday evening and suddenly you're waking up to Sunday morning pancakes. Not that waking up to pancakes is a bad thing. But, really time seems to always move very rapidly these days, especially on the weekends. And I haven't found the key to slowing it down (share with me if you've discovered it, I'd love to know what does).

This weekend was a little different for me in a handful of ways. It's the first weekend I have spent away from fiance in over seven months and I do declare I'm not a fan of it. I am missing him something terrible. But that will make next weekend all the sweeter.

Another weekend happening was spending time with soon-to-be family. Every gal needs a girls' day and that's just what I submerged myself in yesterday. Funny how a front porch swing, chirping tree frogs, and imaginations that run away with themselves will bring out deep belly laughter.

And then there was today, when the overwhelming feeling of my to-do's hit me like a ton of bricks. I dropped an earring while putting it in, and the tears struck. It kind of came from no where, but really I think it's been building up as the stress has swelled. And like the drop of a hat (in this case earring), it triggered the flood.

Pulling out pages of recipes and home decor from Better Homes and Gardens, to keep for later, while snuggled in my bed and a nap later, I'm feeling a bit better. But, still not myself. Thus, I'm actually looking forward to Monday and its promising fresh start. Please Monday, don't be your stereotypical manic self.

Until then, I am sinking into the couch, watching ABC's newest show Whodunnit, while skyping fiance so we can "watch" it together, and munching on chocolate covered strawberries and grapes, of which lately I've had quite the obsession.

Healthy, right?!