I Wish...

August 9, 2013

I wish the leaves would start turning colors (even if that is wishing time away).

I wish desserts were healthy for me and that there was a daily recommended serving I should eat.

I wish I was at the beach, soaking up the sun, tanning to a lovely bronze, and enjoying lazy, reading days (woohoo next week).

I wish I had a cup full of pomegranate and mango frozen yogurt covered with granola, strawberry poppers, and fresh fruit. Sweet Frog, can you deliver?

I wish I could finally kick my nail biting habit (one day).

I wish I had found a place to live for Pete and I once we are married. But until then, I'll keep looking through my stockpile of Better Homes and Gardens magazines for decorating ideas and tricks.

I wish I could find a recipe, cook it like a professional  chef, and have it turn out just like the picture. You tell me, does that ever actually happen??

I wish my cell phone battery lasted longer.

I wish a sushi restaurant wasn't so far away, I keep having cravings!

I wish you all a happy weekend!