Rainy Days & Popcorn

August 8, 2013

It's one of those days where the rain is more like a monsoon and the thunder is a constant boom in the background. After a week of no job, nor home rental success, I am finding this rainy day is giving me a break, one that I needed, but wouldn't have taken otherwise.

So how do I relax on such a dark afternoon? With hot chocolate, which must have marshmallows and must be steaming hot, almost too hot to touch, so that I can cool it down with a bit of milk. Some popcorn of the buttery, salty kind, and I wish I had some kettle corn too because I love salty and sweet foods at the same time. Of course, I need a movie and my pick today is Pitch Perfect. I could easily watch this movie once a week and not get tired of it. Not having seen it for a several months, accompanied with this drabby weather, it's a fitting choice for today. Plus, I'm sure Pete is grateful I'm not watching this movie (for the 100th) time with him. But, don't worry love, I'll have all the choreography down pat once again for our next road trip. I know you will enjoy the entertainment! And more than that, I know you will enjoy Pitch Perfect 2, which I am anxiously waiting for :) I also, have some chocolate covered grapes, a weird combo, but I have had a fancy for chocolate covered fruits these past several days and grapes were all the fruit left in the fridge. You'd be surprised how good it actually tastes!

All in all this rainy day isn't so bad. And I'm enjoying the excuse for some down time for a few hours.