Fall is Here...Not Really But It Sure Feels Like It!

August 7, 2013

I am a Fall fanatic, really, I daydream about the crispness and coziness of that season quite a bit. I could live in the coolness and colorfulness of Fall all year long if it were possible. Thus, I have been overly zealous about the weather and temperature gracing Virginia; I am finding that the closure to summer is giving me a preview of the best season of all a few months early. And I am in love with these sixty degree mornings that allow me to leave my windows open and send a chill through the house. The past few weeks I've found myself reaching for a cup of hot cocoa, a sweatshirt, and a blanket instead of a cold iced tea, tank top, and fan.The dog days of summer have turned into a tease of autumn, and when some people might complain that they're missing out on the hot temperatures of summer, I'm smiling contentedly. I have already gotten myself excited about steaming apple cider, pumpkin patches, falling leaves, autumn air, tall leather riding boots, fireplaces full of amber flames, plaid shirts, wool blankets, sweet cinnamon pumpkin candles flickering around the house, Halloween, chili cooking in the crockpot while the sweet cornbread bakes i the oven, etc., etc., etc. I could go on forever about all I'm looking forward to. Can you blame me?? Who could when autumn is the best kept secret of the year?!