Wedding Wednesday: Planning It All

July 31, 2013

Since the moment Pete popped the question, I have been counting down the days until our wedding. I thought the time would move subtly by, like more of an ebb and flow. And on occasion, it did. But, I am two months and five days away from the best day of my life and turns out time didn't slowly pass by, no in fact it quite literally flew. I blinked and here I am at the end of July, half of 2013 gone. I cannot believe that only 66 days stand between me as a fiance and me as a wife. I have been thanking my lucky stars that I made it to this point, mostly stress-free and still sane. But, I thought (spoke) too soon and I'm now feeling the crazy overwhelm me. You must understand that putting a wedding ceremony and reception together is a joy, truly. It's also consuming and at times quite frustrating. As of late, as I try to round-up my decorations, confirm with vendors, still find specific vendors, etc., I have felt like I'm barely keeping my head above the water. I would be lying if I didn't own up to the fact that there have been a few times I've considered eloping. Why, would I do that after all this effort? Plan your wedding, then get back to me; you may just feel the same urge to drop it all and run away to a courthouse, fiance and wedding bands in tow. 

Alas, I keep reminding myself of the fun I have had in all this. That, planning a wedding is a blessing because God has so graciously given me my soulmate to spend the rest of my life with. That, this process is a gift and I shouldn't take a moment for granted. So yes, I will complain at times about the stress I feel and the overwhelming emotions that consume me when I can't get in touch with the caterer, the price of flowers is a bit too high, and I second-guess my color scheme for bridesmaid dresses that have already been ordered and arrived (yes my brain really thought that; bridesmaids don't worry). Looking back on this in the years to come, the frustrations will all seem so silly, but I'll certainly appreciate the amount of time and thought put into all details of the wedding, and I'll definitely grin with happiness that I'm no longer planning a wedding (good luck to all you future brides)! 

So if I had to do it over, would I? Yes, but only because at the end of it I marry Pete. Until the big day, I will continue with my DIY decor and to sometimes sink in the stress that creeps up on me. All in all, I'm just so thankful that there is a honeymoon at the end of this :) 

DIY moss letters for our reception decor and my new last name in 66 days!