And The Hunt Continues

July 18, 2013

Job hunting is grueling. And, of course that is what I find myself knee-deep in. I can't think of a less exciting way to spend my time, especially when it consists of a lack of responses or straight out no's from possible employers. I keep right on with it, though. And have found my skin has become thicker and my attitude about a job has become more determined. I am piling up the applications and diligently filling them out...I could probably complete one in my sleep at this point.

In the meantime, wedding planning is keeping me busy along with weekend visits to see my guy. This past weekend, a little country therapy was just what I needed to distract myself from my not-so-successful job search. That and some mouth-watering sushi. So you guessed it, that's exactly what Pete and I did. The sushi couldn't have been more perfect nor the wineberries sweeter.