Wedding Wednesday: DIY

July 3, 2013

Weddings can be expensive! But, luckily, there are ways to cut costs and and keep your options budget friendly. For our wedding, Pete and I have found ways to eliminate unnecessary costs by choosing the DIY route for all of our decorations. By putting our own touches on these details, it also makes our wedding unique to us. And because it takes ample time and plenty of dedication to put everything together yourself, instead of relying on an outside vendor, it makes the final outcome that much more rewarding. Our efforts put into our DIY projects are also ways for us to share our personalities and style with our guests. From the tabletop decor to the photobooth props, a lot of love and thought has been poured into our crafts. We really can't wait to share it all with our family and friends. And we won't have long to wait, it's only a month and three days away!!

Here are some of our photobooth props that I found on Beautiful Matters. After printing them out and coloring them, I used modge podge to attach them to a piece of cardstock and seal them. Once dry, I sprayed on clear acrylic sealer to ensure that they last the entire night of the wedding. After letting them completely dry, I cut them out and my next step will be to add the wooden stick. So simple, so cute, so cost friendly! And it's up to you how to color them in, let your creativity soar!